Beautiful Pink Decor for Girls Bedroom

I love pink. I can’t help it. If it’s up to me, my daughter’s bedroom would be all pink. Luckily, it’s not up to me 🙂

Nevertheless, I am often looking for some cute stuff to put inside her bedroom so I have a big collection of beautiful pink decor for girls bedroom that I am saving on Pinterest. Hope you will like it too.

Beautiful Pink Decor for a Girls Bedroom

Beautiful Pink Decor for Girls Bedroom

1. Bedding Set with Owls

TWIN Quilt Owls Bedding

As you might already notice – we love owls in our family. Well, I love them. I think they are just the cutest. When I saw this amazingly cute bedding set, I know I need to have it immediately! There are lots of different owl bedding you can find on Amazon, for a crib, single bed, double bed… Unfortunately, my husband banned owls from our bedroom.

2. Cheval Mirror

Kidkraft Princess Cheval Mirror

Every girl needs to have a mirror in her room. This one is so cute, amazingly cute pink decor for girls bedroom!

3. Miney Mouse Curtains

Disney Minnie Mouse Window Panels Curtains Drapes Pink

The colors of these curtains are just beautiful and vibrant! I think it would make any bedroom look better. We love Minnie Mouse!

4. Foldable Kids Stool

kids stool

This is the perfect thing to have for the bedroom when your kids are transitioning to the bigger bed. I love Cat and Owl set, but there is also Fox and Dog set for little boys.

5. Disney Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Table Lamp

Disney Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Table Lamp

This unique Disney Minnie Mouse table lamp would definitely brighten up your child’s playroom or bedroom. It requires no assembly and is ready to use.

6. Pink Butterfly Mobile

Butterfly Mobile Pink Multi-Layered Spiral Nylon Butterflies Mobiles Decorations

These hanging mobiles are perfect to hang from the ceiling above a changing table, crib or the corner of a room. Ideal decor for a nursery!

7. Girls Pink Polka Dot Love Heart Shape Soft Fluffy Child’s Rug 90 x 90cm

Girls Pink Polka Dot Love Heart Shape Soft Fluffy Child's Rug 90 x 90cm

This ute and simple rug is the perfect pink decor for girls bedroom! I love it!

8. Crane Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidfier – Pink

Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with 2.3 Gallon output per day

Humidifiers help to provide additional comfort for cold symptoms, dry itchy skin, and chapped lips. You can’t really call most of them ‘decor’, but this one is cute enough for a bedroom decor!

9. Child to Cherish Large Pig White with Polka Dot Toy Bank, Pink

Child to Cherish Large Pig White with Polka Dot Toy Bank, Pink

As you already know, I think we need to teach our kids how to save money from their early age. First rule – buy them a piggy bank!

10. Elephant Bubbles Nursery Wall Decal Room Decor (Soft Pink)

Elephant Bubbles Nursery Wall Decal Room Decor (Soft Pink)

I love wall decals – they are the perfect way to brighten up a white wall. This one is so simple and cute.

So, what do you think of my choices for perfect pink decor for girls bedroom? What would you like to have?

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  1. I love all the pink decor! My daughter has a very girly girl room with paper butterfly’s on the wall. And those fold up stools are such a great idea! We have two in our tiny bathroom for the kids to brush their teeth on but those cute ones would take up no room at all. Thanks for sharing! Found from Meetup Monday.

  2. I love pink too and that mirror is the best. I simply must have it for my daughter!
    I love fold up stools – my kids really use them.

  3. I was never really into pink….until I had my daughter….and now I love all the pink stuff! Just love that elephant.

    Thanks for linking up to Marvelous Monday on Smart Party Planning.

  4. […] How about the walls? You may want to repaint the room or add fresh layers of wallpaper. It’s preferable to have light welcoming colors in a child’s bedroom whether it is aqua, beige, yellow, light green or sea blue. It might also interest you to have stickers added to the walls such as of your children’s favorite TV shows or video games. Kids can of course be picky so for anything specific like this it might be best to involve them in the conversation first! My daughter is obsessed with pink, so for now we went with pink decorations. […]


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