35 Ways To Spoil Your Toddler’s Day Cheat Sheet

Fun Cheat Sheet For Toddler's Parents


Fun Cheat Sheet For Toddler's Parents


  1. I used to have to sneak the blanket away and try and wash it while she was gone, but she still got upset because it didn’t smell the same. In my mind, this was the whole idea, but in her mind, it wasn’t good. Both of my girls’ blankets are now (at ages 19 and 23) tiny shreds in a memorabilia box.

  2. Even though my girls are now clearly out of the toddler stage, brushing their hair is still one they don’t like at all! Seriously loved your list and brought me back to the toddler years though still 🙂

  3. This is so true and hilarious, I can relate. I just replace ‘her’ into ‘him’ and ‘Barbie’ of course and everything comes alive in my mind 🙂 Great writing, love it!


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