101 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Toddler This Summer

101 toddler activities

I often catch myself playing Candy Crush Saga on my iPhone, instead of playing with my little girl. That’s bad, I know it and I want to change it!

Well, this summer I decided to play with her every hour, every minute, every second… Last year, me and my husband gathered the list of 101 fun things to do with toddlers and we decided that this summer we will do all this activities with our little one. Join us, it will be fun!

Fun things to do with toddlers this summer

fun things to do with toddlers this summer

1. Draw together.
2. Play balloon tennis.
3. Bake muffins.

4. Construct something cool with LEGO’s

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5. Visit a pet zoo and show her how cows and chickens look like in real life.
6. Have a picnic in the garden or in the living room. If you need a cool lunch box, click here to find out more.

bbq summer

7. Take a walk by the sea.
8. Sing together her favorite songs.
9. Build a fort in the living room.
10. Play with finger paint.
11. Play football or dodge ball in the backyard.
12. Plant something together. Strawberries or cherry tomatoes, for example.


13. Play hide and seek every day. Why? Because it’s fun.
14. Make homemade ice cream.
15. Visit your parents and let them spoil her for a day or two.
16. Fly a kite.
17. Go to the park and play all afternoon.
18. Play tea party with her dolls.
19. Spend 30 minutes reading her favorite story. Or pick a new book from our list of best books for toddlers.

best books for toddlers

20. Do magic tricks! They are always cool!
21. Make your own greeting cards for next Christmas.
22. Play with play dough.
23. Have an outdoor scavenger hunt.
24. Go out for dessert.
25. Have a water gun fight and go crazy.
26. Play UNO or some other fun card game for kids.
27. Play indoor basketball. Basketball is always cool.
28. Blow bubbles. Make them yourself. It’s easy.
29. Color some cute pages you can find online for free.
30. Play catch.
31. Build a tower and then knock it down.
32. Feed the ducks in the lake.
33. Collect cool rocks and shells on the beach.
34. Visit a botanical garden.
35. Throw a coin into a fountain.
36. Watch the children play at the theater.
37. Build a sand castle.
38. Jump on the trampolines. Oh yes, you too!
39. Have a newspaper snowball fight.
40. Do chores together.
41. Pick flowers.
42. Play dress up.
43. Draw on windows.
44. Visit the pet store to see hamsters, fishes and rabbits.
45. Wrestle. That’s fun.
46. Play instruments.
47. Make your own puzzle.
48. Go for a walk somewhere you’ve never been before.
49. Water your plants together.


50. Play hopscotch.
51. Workout together.
52. Set up an obstacle course in the backyard.
53. Face paint.
54. Play with her favorite toys.
55. Play with sensory boxes.
56. Turn on your favorite song and just dance.
57. Bake some yummi cookies together.

breakfast cookies

58. Build an egg carton trains.
59. Create something out of a box.
60. Put on a puppet show.
61. Make paper hats.
62. Make a playhouse out of a large box. Paint it together.
63. Make and play with sock puppets.
64. Draw with chalk on the sidewalk.
65. Do the Hokey Pokey.
66. Make a domino chain.
67. Make your own juice. Much better than store bought.
68. Take a nap together!

co sleeping to crib

69. Make a fruit necklace.
70. Throw a birthday party for her favorite stuffed animal.
71. Play board games such as Monopoly.
72. Do some paper plate crafts. You will find bunch of them on Pinterest.
73. Make your own moon sand and play with it.
74. Tickle each other.
75. Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting.
76. Play with color rice.
77. Make a foil river in the yard.
78. Make a color wheel and teach kid about colors.
79. Play an indoor bubble wrap hopscotch. Fun!
80. Create roadways on the floor with some tape.
81. Build a sponge tower.
82. Make maracas from yogurt bottles. You can find lots of tutorials on Pinterest.
83. Play horsey.
84. Make homemade chocolate pudding.
85. Make a simple bird feeder.
86. Have a ‘yes day’ and do whatever your toddler wants.
87. Paint those rocks and shells you found on the beach.
88. Make a color shape river.
89. Feed the alphabet monster.
90. Make a paper bag mask.
91. Pom Poms target practice.
92. Paint with frozen ice cubes.
93. Make your own stuffed animal.
94. Make your own jam and have it for breakfast.
95. Do some sticker art.
96. Send a message in the bottle with these 101 activities.
97. Roll down the hills.
98. Have a photo shooting!
99. Donate your toys!
100. Make a jar with all the activities, write them down on paper and just pull it out of the jar when you don’t know what to do. Similar to happy jar with memories.
101. Hug her and never let go.

I hope you like the list. I mean, with 101 different ideas you are bound to find some that your kids will enjoy. Do you have some fun things to do with toddlers this summer or a toddler activity you would like to add?

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