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Pregnancy can be tough, tiring and trying. If you are the lucky mommy-to-be then your legs and back are probably killing you and you are anxious to get this over with (been there). And if you the daddy-to-be, then you must be exhausted by holding your partner’s hair while she pukes away and keeping her happy. Between you and me, keeping women happy is tough but keeping a pregnant woman happy takes it to a whole new level.

While one is pumped full of hormones and the other is dealing with the hormone-fueled lady, oft times couples forget the most important thing. Morning sickness and everything aside, pregnancy is supposed to be cherished and celebrated. It is the union of love that creates life.

So to make this time easier, here are a few fun websites for parents that all expecting parents must browse for a few laughs.

Of course, I recommend reading a good parenting book before spending time on these websites. One of my favorite picks would be Diary of an Angry Father: A Sarcastic Father’s Guide to Parenthood. Great book that will make you laugh but also give you some great advice.

I have a suggestions for those of you who are wanting to become parents, but still trying. Awesome book from dr. Andjelka Stones: Emotional Component of Infertility: The Role of the Counselling Psychologist.

fun websites for parents

Fun Websites for Parents

1. Baby Names

Choosing a baby name is one of the most exciting and cutest parts of pregnancy. Couples might want to wait till they meet their bundle of joy or plan well ahead of D-day. Whether you want a modern name or a classic, the choice is yours. Check out these names and have fun arguing over them. And yes, if you are the pregnant lady, then you get two votes *wink*.

2. Art

kids art

I found out about KidsCreationToLife recently and I loved it. KidsCreationToLife team works to bring children’s artwork to life by leveraging cutting-edge 3D printing technology and custom handmade plush toys with the aim of inspiring innovation in young children.

3. Online Shopping

There are so many things that you can buy online for your little one. One of my favorite things was amazing memory book from LittleLight. It was designed by Sonja, a mother of one beautiful girl named Lucka (in translation Light). Before her daughter was born, she was looking for a book to store all the baby milestones and she decided to design her own baby memory book. Good thing she did it, because it looks amazing.

One thing you can also buy online are teething or nursing necklaces, which will definitely be of great use for you when your little one comes.


And something for moms too – cool t-shirts from Tee Spring shop. I love the one below!

tshirts for moms

Have one thing in mind – check out online reviews before buying anything. There are lots of websites and blogs where you will find honest reviews about everything. For example, I recently bought baby jumper for my friend – and how did I found the best jumper for babies? I read the review and picked the best one!

4. Games

I know that you’re impatient, so check out some cool games you can play with your kid when it’s little bit older. I truly recommend ABC’s for Wii U – great way to learn alphabet.

5. Nursery ideas

Decorating the nursery can be the highlight of the pregnancy if you decide to get it ready before the baby gets here (which is a wise idea). Some parents might want to wait till their baby makes the big entrance and decorate the nursery pink or blue. Either way, here are a few ideas that you will absolutely love.

6. Blogs.

Find some cool blogs for new mothers and start reading. One of my favorite ones is Mommy Edition. You will learn so many things there, such as what not to eat while breastfeeding and much more!

The other one that I read every day is BabyZeen. You can read interesting articles about pregnancy, and when your little one arrives on this world, you will find plenty of advice about parenting!

8. Kickstarter

Oh yes, don’t laugh. Kickstarter is amazing website. I found so many cool things to pledge for. For example, the project Learn Languages through Stories. The creators, Alex and Jonny, have written a story that starts in English and ends in a different language. Their first story is available as a hardback book, audiobook and app on Kickstarter, it launched almost two weeks ago and has already doubled their original target. Fantástico!



Hopefully these will kill some time from the long, LONG wait till you meet your bundle of joy. Have fun!

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