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10 Tips For A Great Children’s Party


Children’s parties are fun and can be some of the best memories a child has. So, how do you make them the best they can be – with these 10 tips of course.

10 Tips For A Great Children Party

  1. Staying Close to Home

Consider having the party in your own home or garden. This will make it much easier for you to organize activities and you don’t have to haul various supplies and food around. You can even ask a relative or good friend if you can borrow their house for a few hours if your living space can’t accommodate all of your guests.

Make it clear that you will do all the cleaning up and setting up afterwards, as you suggest the idea. Or, whenever the weather permits, you can even use the local park. It will certainly be much less expensive draping some streamers on a picnic table, than it would be using just any other venue you can rent.


  1. Be Cautious About Guests

When planning the party, it’s just natural to have the urge of inviting all your family, friends, and even people who’ve invited you to their parties previously. However, don’t forget that the bigger the gathering, the higher the budgetary requirements, and the more hectic the party will be.

Rather, you should look into limiting the amount of guests to a manageable figure, and be careful not to invite more people at the last minute. If it’s a children party, then only invite people that can enjoy a few hours in house full of children.


  1. Go for Simple foods

Of course, food is the centerpiece of a good party. But this doesn’t mean that you have to serve your guests a full meal. Juice, cake, and a couple of snack should keep the toddlers happy. Check out my list of best finger foods for kids parties.


  1. Classic Games are Ideal

Just as they adore watching an interesting magic show, children will be delighted with playing great games. Classic titles such as musical chairs and Pin the Tail on the Donkey can never go out of style. You can even use a sack race and skittles to create a carnival atmosphere to make the games more interesting.


  1. Consider Hiring Undiscovered Talent

For those who like to keep away from the limelight, but still want to have an entertainer brighten up the kid’s party, then networking can help a great deal. Do you know someone with a steady hand with face painting, or juggles exceptionally well? Many dads and uncles have put on the clown suit several times, and have been the soul or life of the party.

You can also opt to post at the noticeboard of your local college. The drama club students like to make a few bucks on the side doing some magic tricks or putting on a fairy princess’ outfit.


  1. No-Fuss Invitations

Rather than spending a few hours trying to channel your inner crafter to make some handmade invitations, just let technology do the job for you. Invite people through social media and email; it will be much easier, and your guests to save date.


  1. Creativity with Plates

There’s a huge chance you have more parties in the future, so why not have them in bulk? Rather than getting those themed supplies, why not get paper plates, cups, napkins, and plastic cutlery in various colors at your local store? When it comes to kids’ stuff, you don’t need to take any gender or age specific items. Plus, you should be able to use them in many years to come.


  1. Party Bag Fillers

One key money-waster for parties is plastic toys for the party-bags, which are inevitably just thrown away or get lost almost immediately. Why not try something different? Stocking up on huge packages of art supplies like stickers, glitter pens, kids glow sticks and stamps is one great way to do this. You can then break up the sets and give every child a piece of each.


  1. Choose Non-Peak Time

For working parents, it may be quite difficult to find the time to plan the party at your house. However, this doesn’t mean that you give up on holding one, even when on a budget. Look for local venues that can host at good prices. For instance, some of your local restaurants can cater for your party at a much lower cost if you opt to hold the party during their off peak hours, such as during the afternoon.


  1. Share the Party

You can also get together with a few friends who have birthday parties for their children near your child’s, and even form a group party. Such a plan might work best if the children are below 4 years of age, since they probably won’t care if the party isn’t just for them.


You will also be saving a lot of money, since you will be splitting the expenses between a few families. Be sure to sing a birthday song for each of the children, and have several fairy cakes instead of just one big cake.


5 Ways to Get Into the Christmas Spirit


Christmas is always a challenging time of year. We don’t always have the energy to be cheerful, or we just might not be in the mood for celebrating. However, as parents we can’t always afford to “take Christmas off”. Our children depend on us to provide them a merry Christmas and we need to find the ways to make it work.

The following tips will help get you going in the right direction with minimum effort. Feel free to use all, or some of them – whatever works for you this season.


1 – Play Christmas Tunes

There’s a never-ending playlist of Christmas songs, in a variety of genres. Find a playlist that you’ll enjoy listening to as your first step towards your well-earned cheerful Christmas spirit.


2 – Decorate Your Web for Christmas

Not many people realize this, but these days there are some cool free tools out there that let you change the way your Google or Facebook pages look (or any other site for that matter). A quick search in one of the leading tools – Stylish, revealed some fun Christmas themes such as a snow effect, or different Christmas backgrounds. It’s easy to install and use, and it’s completely free, with no ads.

snow on your website


3 – Watch a Christmas Movie

This is a fun activity that you can do with your kids, since most Christmas movies are child- friendly. Here’s a list of some great Christmas movies that Timeout created.

4 – Challenge Your Kids to Put Up a Christmas Show

This will keep your kids occupied and give you time to focus on your long Christmas ‘to-do’ list, while also getting you into the Christmas spirit with your kids running around the house and rehearsing scenes from their play.

Christmas show for kids

5 – Decorate your House for Christmas

This is probably the most important action to take in order to help you get into the right mood. There’s nothing like being surrounded with Christmas lights, looking at those huge decorated stockings, and of course the tree, which is a must have.

decorate your home for christmas


With these few little helpers, you’ll get into the Christmas spirit in no time and you and your kids will enjoy a merry Christmas and a happy new year.



Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Teenager

Teenagers are often moody, miserable, and melancholy, but we love them anyway, especially if they’re ours! We know how it feels to have those hormones coursing through our veins, so we know we need to treat them with the utmost respect, even when they drive us crazy. When thinking of your teen, you also have to be ultra compassionate, as their lives are all the more complicated these days. With access to drugs and alcohol, rising interest in the opposite sex, and far too many opportunities to be cyber-bullied, it truly isn’t easy to be a teen in this day and age. So make sure yours knows you love her! A great time to show her that is at Christmas time, so if you’re looking for present ideas, read on. We’ve got some great Christmas gift ideas for your teenager that might even—gasp!—elicit a smile.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Teenager

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Teenager


If you’re familiar with the sports teams, musicians, and more that your teen likes, tickets make top-notch gifts. This isn’t simply because you’ve noted what they’ve liked, but even more so that it’s an experiential gift. If you and your teen are open to it, you could even get yourself a ticket to this event and make it a bonding experience. But if your teen is in the inevitable “too cool for school” phase, you might consider getting the tickets for him and a friend.

Something Practical

While your tendency when buying gifts for a teen might be to go over-the-top to impress her, there really is no need to invent the wheel. Perhaps she needs a new pair of running shoes, a laptop for homework or a backpack. Teens are overly concerned with appearances, and even if you know how beautiful she truly is, she may have some insecurities about herself that cause discomfort or anguish. Has she complained about her skin? Consider investing in a high-quality acne treatment for young adults that can help her get her skin back on track. BioClarity creates unique acne treatment products that contain naturally derived ingredients. As teens often have sensitive skin, it’s important to find something that can fight pimples without drying out or overly irritating their skin.

Has she been showing angst over her figure? Help her live her healthiest life with a gym membership. This emphasis on health can help your entire family, so consider a group membership and making it a family affair. Sure, these might not be the coolest gifts around, but she’ll appreciate any of them nonetheless and get long-term benefits from your thoughtful investments.

Go for the Gadgets

Teenagers and their phones—it’s a match made in heaven. Well, if you want them to pay attention to you, this isn’t exactly true, but it is somewhat inevitable. If you’re in the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” category of parents, a techie gift could be the way to go this Christmas. If you’ve been holding out on a smart phone, perhaps this is the year that you blow her ever-loving mind (we highly recommend enforcing some rules with this, however!).

A Passion Present

That teen eye roll might be a bit more dangerous than annoying. Not to be an alarmist but teens can often go inside themselves and withdraw because they don’t feel like anyone’s listening. They don’t feel like they’re truly being heard. Prove that you’re really listening by buying something for your teen this Christmas that represents his or her passion, even if it’s not your passion (especially if it’s not your passion!). From a deluxe painting kit and a book on astrology to cooking classes and a trip to a college of interest, any gift that shows you understand your teen is going to make a lasting impression. If you have a common passion, that’s even better! Buy your budding protégé a camera and take photography classes together. The family who gets passionate about things together stays together.

Something Whimsical For the Win

Your teen is soon going to be expected to make a lot of grown-up decisions on colleges, careers, and more. Savor their youth while you can, even when you’re giving gifts. Whether it’s a pair of super cute emoji knee high socks, a framed baby pic (or a collage!), or a Snuggie, choose a gift you know you can’t get away with much longer. You could even get extra sappy and have a comforter made out of their baby clothes or tees. Your nest will be empty soon enough. Bask in their innocence for as long as you can!

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for your teenager? Use this list for reference and your holiday will surely be on fleek (yeah, we said it).


The Best Gifts for Everyone on Your List This Season


Gifts are without a doubt one of the highlights of the holiday season – both giving and receiving (we won’t pretend anyone doesn’t love unwrapping a present on Christmas morning). But shopping for gifts can be a completely different story, especially when you’re not quite sure what to get for the intended recipient. Traditional gifts like gift cards, winter scarves, and food baskets get old quickly and often end up feeling insincere due to their overuse. So what gifts should you give this year to ensure that yours stand out? Check out these suggestions for some of the hardest-to-shop-for people in your life.


best gifts for everyone christmas 2016

Your Boss

If your boss is anything like most bosses, they’ve surely received enough “World’s Greatest Boss” mugs and monogrammed journals to last a lifetime. So this holiday season, show your boss that you appreciate all their hard work with tickets for a memorable experience that won’t just clutter up their desk. Is your boss a huge film fan? Get them a few ticket vouchers to the local cinema for a movie night out with their family. Likewise, if you know their favorite sports team will be having a big game in town, get them some tickets and a team pennant or foam finger so they can have fun cheering them on.


Your Partner

Whether you’ve been together for a year or five years, you’ve surely had countless unforgettable moments with the special woman in your life. A large majority of your memories, be they vacations, local outings, or simply family photos with your new puppy, are likely saved on social media, able to go back to at a moment’s notice. Take this up a notch this winter with a custom photo book filled with all your favorite photos that you’ve taken over your time together. In this largely digital age, physical photos have their own special sentimentality, and a curated book of all your special photos will have all that much more.
Wooden Watches - Gift for him
Also, you can’t go wrong with the finest designer eco-friendly personalized wooden watches. It’s a perfect personalized gift for him. I can recommend wonderful Etsy shop Urban Designer where you will find the best gift for him. This beautiful watches will give you the touch of nature, and you can even engrave your words of gratitude. They also offer a large variety of watches and fashion accessories to suit both men and women, so if you like something – go for it! These pieces will add a delightful look to almost everything you wear.


Your Your Brother

Why not surprise your brother with a drone for Christmas? While you may have outgrown those after-school toys as soon as you hit your teens, drones are a great, modern alternative that are sure to please any age. There are a ton of great cyber Monday drones to choose from, making this option a lot more affordable than you might have originally thought. Plus, if you’re lucky, he might just let you have a few minutes at the remote yourself. Not into flying machines? Check out hover boards. The new ones are much safer than the first round and they’re wicked fun.


Your Mom

She proudly displayed your macaroni art on the fridge when you were growing up, and her appreciation of anything created by you certainly hasn’t gone away in the years since, so this year, surprise her with something handmade. If she’s always spending hours in the kitchen to feed your family and guests who might stop by, offer her a coupon for a homemade meal (even if you have to sneak in the help of a recipe service like Blue Apron). Did she like your sunset photo from your Hawaiian vacation so much that she made it her cover photo on Facebook? Presenting her with a framed version will certainly have her hanging it at home with pride for all to see. If you don’t live close to her, order some flowers. There are lots of online florists deliveries you can use, such as this florist delivery in Singapore.


Your Dad

Dads like beer – it seems to be a universal fact. However, there’s a good chance that whatever beer he’s been drinking for years is vastly different from the craft beers that you and your friends are drinking at the bar on a Friday night. So this year, introduce him to craft beers through a home brewing kit. Any notions that he might have of modern beer being too fancy or complicated will be dispelled when he’s able to brew it himself and see just what goes into making any kind of beer. Plus, the ability to enjoy his creation and share it with his friends afterwards just might encourage him to get adventerous and check out more styles, either next time out at the bar, or brewing it themselves at home.


Incorporate Your Personal Style Into Office Wear


Choosing work outfits doesn’t have to be a chore. Though many get lost in the sea of navy suits and black and white button-downs, working at an office doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your personal style. Yes, you still have to make work-appropriate choices, so leave the hot pants at home. But beyond that, there are many ways to spice up a bland wardrobe.

work clothes


Add Color

One of the easiest ways to add a little style to your work wear is to include a pop of color. You can choose your favorite or sport bold colors like hot pink, yellow or green. To pull it off, just make sure your wearing colors that complement each other. If you’re going for bold, pair it with neutral colors so it’s not overwhelming. A pink shirt or scarf paired with a grey suit adds just the right amount of flair for the office. Another way to play with colors is to mix women’s suit pieces from Dillard’s; pair your camel colored blazer with black slacks or a grey and black piece for a sophisticated yet stylish look.


Print Play

Bold zebra or leopard prints have personal style written all over them, so don’t be afraid to play with patterns. Adding a pattern will have a similar effect as a bold color, so pair just one or two prints with otherwise solid, neutral colors, and make sure one of the colors in the print matches the solid color you’ve chosen. So instead of a simple solid color button-down, try adding a few patterned choices to the mix to pair with your slacks and skirts.


Try Textures

An unexpected texture can add a lot of character to your wardrobe and help encompass your own style. For example, a knee length leather skirt says you like a little edge, while a tweed jacket or skirt adds a touch of elegance and shows you like to keep to the classics.


Statement Jewelry

Chunky necklaces and a forearm full of bangles have cannonballed into everyday fashion, and are a surefire way to add a little personality to your work wear. Your jewelry choices say a lot about you – sandalwood beaded bracelets point to a free spirit while an oversized necklace often sits on a true fashionista. Mix and match your favorite jewelry to create completely different looks with the same pieces of clothing. Just remember not to go overboard; the golden rule of accessorizing is still less is more.



Aside from jewelry, other accessories play a key part in pulling together an outfit. Play with different belts and different sizes — a skinny red, green or yellow belt and a few bangles can transform a classic black dress into an entirely new outfit. And because shoes are a known shopping weakness for women, add some of your favorites into your business wear to bring about a little personality. An update on a classic black and white or close-toed shoe will be office appropriate and unique. If your dress code is a little more casual, adding some knee high socks from will show off your playful side.


Add Trends an Item at a Time

With all trendy pieces and otherwise nontraditional work attire, remember: all things in moderation. If you want to wear the new pleated skirt you bought, great, just pair it with classic button down and pumps. Same goes for jewelry – one statement piece is enough.


Rely on Layers

Another way to add a little extra to your wardrobe is through layers. It’s especially easy to do when sporting fall and winter fashion with cardigans and jackets. Many sweater dresses can be worn to the office along with knee high boots and booties and a sophisticated trench coat to top it off. Jackets in general offer endless ways to play with your style; a classic leather can add personality to an outfit while keeping it sophisticated, as well as a longer overcoat or short embellished blazer.


At the end of the day, following a few of the guidelines will help you combine your personal style with office dress etiquette.