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The Best Gifts for Everyone on Your List This Season


Gifts are without a doubt one of the highlights of the holiday season – both giving and receiving (we won’t pretend anyone doesn’t love unwrapping a present on Christmas morning). But shopping for gifts can be a completely different story, especially when you’re not quite sure what to get for the intended recipient. Traditional gifts like gift cards, winter scarves, and food baskets get old quickly and often end up feeling insincere due to their overuse. So what gifts should you give this year to ensure that yours stand out? Check out these suggestions for some of the hardest-to-shop-for people in your life.


best gifts for everyone christmas 2016

Your Boss

If your boss is anything like most bosses, they’ve surely received enough “World’s Greatest Boss” mugs and monogrammed journals to last a lifetime. So this holiday season, show your boss that you appreciate all their hard work with tickets for a memorable experience that won’t just clutter up their desk. Is your boss a huge film fan? Get them a few ticket vouchers to the local cinema for a movie night out with their family. Likewise, if you know their favorite sports team will be having a big game in town, get them some tickets and a team pennant or foam finger so they can have fun cheering them on.


Your Partner

Whether you’ve been together for a year or five years, you’ve surely had countless unforgettable moments with the special woman in your life. A large majority of your memories, be they vacations, local outings, or simply family photos with your new puppy, are likely saved on social media, able to go back to at a moment’s notice. Take this up a notch this winter with a custom photo book filled with all your favorite photos that you’ve taken over your time together. In this largely digital age, physical photos have their own special sentimentality, and a curated book of all your special photos will have all that much more.


Your Best Bro

You grew up with him, and you spent hours together after school racing paper airplanes and trying to fly remote-controlled helicopters. So why not surprise your best friend with a drone for Christmas? While you may have outgrown those after-school toys as soon as you hit your teens, drones are a great, modern alternative that are sure to please any age. There are a ton of great cyber Monday drones to choose from, making this option a lot more affordable than you might have originally thought. Plus, if you’re lucky, he might just let you have a few minutes at the remote yourself. Not into flying machines? Check out hover boards. The new ones are much safer than the first round and they’re wicked fun.


Your Mom

She proudly displayed your macaroni art on the fridge when you were growing up, and her appreciation of anything created by you certainly hasn’t gone away in the years since, so this year, surprise her with something handmade. If she’s always spending hours in the kitchen to feed your family and guests who might stop by, offer her a coupon for a homemade meal (even if you have to sneak in the help of a recipe service like Blue Apron). Did she like your sunset photo from your Hawaiian vacation so much that she made it her cover photo on Facebook? Presenting her with a framed version will certainly have her hanging it at home with pride for all to see.


Your Dad

Dads like beer – it seems to be a universal fact. However, there’s a good chance that whatever beer he’s been drinking for years is vastly different from the craft beers that you and your friends are drinking at the bar on a Friday night. So this year, introduce him to craft beers through a home brewing kit. Any notions that he might have of modern beer being too fancy or complicated will be dispelled when he’s able to brew it himself and see just what goes into making any kind of beer. Plus, the ability to enjoy his creation and share it with his friends afterwards just might encourage him to get adventerous and check out more styles, either next time out at the bar, or brewing it themselves at home.


9 Super Fashion Tips for Moms – Fall 2016 Edition


Do you have a love/hate relationship with fall? When autumn strikes, the world is filled with dazzling hues of orange, gold, yellow and red colours that are so beautiful; however, the weather can be hard to deal with. Learning to dress during this season can be difficult. Some days it’s a beautiful warm day where you can still wear your summer clothing. Other days, the weather is cooler and nothing is better than a sweater. Then, there are the days that it is cold in the morning, warm in the middle of the day and then cool in the evening. What is a gal to do?

Since we already know we cannot control the weather, we need to learn how to dress appropriately. Learning to layer your clothing is one of the most important things you can do to help keep you comfortable throughout the day. Continue reading to learn the top 9 fashion hacks on how to layer your clothing without the bulk.


Proportions are Important

To help you create a balanced layered look, you must learn how to mix proportions. You want to wear fitted with loose or short with long. For example, you can layer a short sweater over a long tank top or wear a fitted tank top under a thick, chunky sweater. When you learn how to layer properly, your outfit will look amazing without adding 10 pounds to your appearance.


Simply Colours with Different Textures

Layering your clothing to create a stunning outfit can seem overwhelming at times. To help ensure you get it right, opt for soothing neutral colours and layer different textures together to create interest. For example, choose a neutral silky tank and pair it with a thick, chunky knit sweater. ;Look at this list of great colours for winter 2016 from We Connect Fashion.


Dress It Up

The amount and type of layers you wear will depend on the weather. No matter the weather, the best choices are thin layers. One of the latest fashion trends is to wear a pair of pants underneath a dress. You can do this by wearing a pair of tights under a sweater dress. Pair this with a few accessories to create an amazing outfit.


Build it for Winter

Ensuring your wardrobe works well not just for the autumnal period but also into winter is a great idea – hence we’ve included this great winter wardrobe tip infographic from StyleWe. It looks at creating a wardrobe that’s stylish and practical and you can’t ask for much more than that.


Give Your Neutrals a Punch of Colours

Wearing neutral colours is a great way to bring your look together. Use a bold accessory such as a beautiful handbag, scarf or chunky jewellery to bring colour and interest to your outfit. The favourite colours for fall are deep reds, bold oranges and bright yellows. You can transform a ho-hum outfit with one or two accessories.


Stock Up On Your Basics

Button up shirts, cardigans, tights and basic t-shirts are the things that are used to create an amazing outfit. They can easily be paired together to create a luxurious look. You can finish your outfit with either a textured or colourful sweater or a piece of statement jewellery.


Bring on the Knits

Your go-to pieces for layering will include cardigans, vests and sweaters. If you put together a neutral outfit, you can use a colourful knit item to take it to the next level. Nothing makes a woman feel better than knowing that when she leaves her home she looks amazing.


Get More Jackets

When you are layering, you want to look put together and fashionable. A light jacket is a great way to add warmth to your outfit without adding bulkiness. Light jackets are made from light fabrics such as canvas. These jackets allow you to breathe, yet provide structure to your outfit.


Accessorize to Complete Your Look

When it comes to accessories, there are numerous items to choose from. Almost every woman knows that a scarf can bring interest to an outfit; however, don’t forget that your chunky earrings, bangles and statement necklaces should become part of your outfit. Finally, many women do not know that gloves can be used as an amazing accessory to pull a look together.


Don’t Pack Away Those Summer Outfits Yet

You do not need to pack your summer wardrobe away when the temperatures start to cool off and the leaves start to change colour. You can pair your favourite shorts with a pair of leggings and ankle booties for a cute look. If you have a favourite tee, why not pair it with a blazer?

When it comes to fall fashions, the key is learning how to layer your clothing properly. With proper planning, you can look amazing, stay comfortable and enjoy the fall season in style.


fall fashion 2016


Experience Gifts for the Whole Family


Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, anniversary gift or just something special for a loved one, experience gifts take on a whole new meaning. Your whole family can enjoy precious time together, try something new and create memories that last a lifetime. Young ones can experience these too, with an experience gift that involves all ages. Experience birthday gifts are one of a kind, practical and budget friendly, while providing your child with something they will continue to remember. Treat them to happiness with these experience gifts for the whole family to enjoy.

Experience Gifts for the Whole Family

Front Range Balloon Ride

If you’re looking for an amazing thrill, a balloon ride through the air is perfect for the whole family. Safe for all ages, this ride is the perfect gift experience for those who enjoy the outdoors and the fresh air. The pilots are FAA certified and have the knowledge needed to get you through your adventure safely. You can float thousands of feet in the air and take family photos in a place that very few ever do. Enjoy the time together in the sky.

Family Rafting Trip

Whitewater rafting is an amazing adventure. You may be surprised to learn that all ages can enjoy this thrill ride on the water. You’re given everything you need to enjoy the trip including a wetsuit, splash jacket, rafting helmet, life jacket and a paddle. These trips are perfect for the beginner with a guide along with you to aid in your enjoyment. This trip can last up to 30 minutes and is great for the price. Give your child or loved one the adventure of a lifetime on the water and enjoy the rapids as you float.

Indoor Skydiving

Skydiving is an experience that very few individuals will ever experience. However, indoor skydiving is created to simulate skydiving without the fear of falling. This gift experience is perfect for all ages and is safe for all too. You are given everything you need to feel the air rush through your hair with an experienced guide to help you out. You are given a safety and training course before you begin to ensure you are prepared for your flight. Easy on the wallet, this experience gift for a birthday is perfect for the entire family.

Whale Watching
There is no other experience quite like seeing one of nature’s most incredible creatures in person. Whale watching involves the viewing of the whale in its natural habitat. You will be able to view such whales as the giant blue whale, finback whale, grey whale, minke whale and the humpback whale. You are even able to view other creatures such as dolphins, seals and more! This is an amazing tour that involves the beauty of nature with the calmness of the water. This is an amazing experience for children and adults alike and is perfect for a birthday gift.

Pirate Dinner Adventure

If you are a pirate lover, this experience is perfect for you. This dinner adventure is both interactive and full of surprises. You will receive dinner, a pirate headband and a pirate flag for the show. The show is Broadway quality and full of action, adventure, comedy and more! This is perfect for every age including children of all ages. This is the perfect birthday gift for your little pirate.

Final Thought

All of these experiences are great for anyone, anywhere. From an amazing whale watching tour, to a pirate show with dinner, you are sure to find whatever you are looking for. Most of these gifts are available year round, which makes it easier for you to book and plan ahead of time. Enjoy these gifts and the quality time with your family.


So Your Daughter Wants to Play Softball


If your daughter has expressed an interest in softball, she’s among a growing crew of young girls wanting to head out onto the diamond and make their mark in the youth sports world. According to Statista, over 14.62 million people played softball or baseball in 2015. America’s favorite pastime is a great way to get your young child into competitive sports, and if you’re wondering how to start out in softball leagues, consider these beginner tips and make sure your daughter enjoys the game to the fullest.

girls playing softball

The Right Equipment

Undoubtedly the most important tool for any softball player is their bat, and unfortunately, not all bats are created the same.  As your daughter starts out, she’ll take part in slowpitch softball and may later move onto fastpitch leagues. With this in mind, make sure you source slowpitch bats that will best suit her immediate needs. If money is a concern, you can find inexpensive bat options online; check out the slowpitch softball bats here. While bats and gloves will come immediately to mind, don’t forget the protective gear to keep her safe. When she’s up to bat, she’ll need a helmet that comes with a face guard and chin strap. Depending on the position she winds up playing the most, you may need to invest in other specialized equipment, so make sure you understand the financial requirements before signing her up for a competitive league.

Choosing Positions

As your daughter begins her softball journey, she’ll likely try out a host of positions, and may experience confusion about her placement on the field, especially if she’s young. It’s always a good idea to discuss the positions long before she finds herself on the field. As she tries out each position in practice, consider her strengths, and ask which she loves to play the most—sports are about more than competition, and you should do what you can to ensure she’s happy with the position she excels at. Many parents head into the season with a preconceived idea that their child should be put in a certain position. Make sure your expectations don’t get in the way of her success. You may believe she’d do best in a pitching position, but her coach may see an underlying talent for second base. Trust the coach, and don’t let your ideas overshadow her performance in whatever position she ends up playing (and most importantly, enjoying). In any case, coaches down the line will favor versatility, so encourage her to try out a variety of different positions to improve her skill set across the board.

A Sharp Mind

Softball requires split-second decisions, and that means your child must remain sharp at any given point in time on the field. If you want to help her keep her brain firing on all cylinders, encourage her to read about her favorite sport, take in all she can about the skills she needs to succeed, and improve memory and concentration with a site like Kids these days are online more than ever before, so why not have your child use that computer for good? This site can help your child improve her memory and concentration through fun games that feel like anything but work. You’ll be surprised at how much her performance improves at both school and on the field.

Encourage Great Sportsmanship

Coaches down the line will definitely look at skills on the field, but they’ll also take sportsmanship very seriously. It’s important to teach your little one the importance of courtesy on the diamond, and let her know that the game isn’t always about winning. Body language is just as important as verbal proclamations, so talk to your daughter about her reaction to mistakes made during the game, her interaction with the other team, and her communication with her teammates. One of the best ways to do this is to lead by example. It’s great to be invested in your child’s sports career, but don’t be the parent yelling from the stands. Be congratulatory when she wins, sympathetic when the team loses, and always practice what you preach when it comes to your interactions with her coach and other parents.


Great Gifts for a New Parent


There are so many ways to describe new parents. Thrilled. Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Grateful. The list goes on. If there’s one thing that’s certain it’s that their new little addition is the only thing on their minds these days. It’s helpful to remember this when getting them a new gift. You can aim for the emotional, the practical, or the memorable. Any which way you cut it; they’ll surely appreciate the thought you put into it. If you’re a bit overwhelmed, yourself, at the thought of what to get them, read this guide for great gifts for a new parent.

great gifts for a new parent

Great Gifts for a New Parent

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

By this, we mean that practical gifts for a new parent can sometimes be the best kind. Of course, a super cute outfit or a trinket is fun to buy, but new parents can sometimes be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of staples they need. Drop off a gift basket filled with diapers, wipes, chemical-free baby products, and more and watch them swoon. You’ve likely never realized how much diaper genie bags mean to a new parent that can’t get to Target. Speaking of Target, a gift card to that or any other place that sells these baby items is always a hit, too. A creative way to get your friend the basics is to sign her up for Amazon Mom. With discounts on all these essentials, she’ll be moved to tears (which might also be a side effect of sleep deprivation).


Straight to the Heart

Personalized gifts are extremely popular when it comes to gifts for a new parent. That’s because everyone knows what goes into the painstaking process of naming a child, so it’s only natural that the new parent will love to see this name “up in lights,” so to speak. From “lovies” and beanbag chairs to fuzzy towels and baby books, personalized gifts are a great way to get your friend something sentimental. Baby books are especially great, as you can write a note in the front, either to the baby or perhaps sharing some of your ideas as a parent. Consider who your gift recipient is and what her favorite things are and start there, as your thoughtfulness will mean more than words.


Picture frames are another great touch when it comes to sentimentality. Digital photo frames are a unique take on this and, with a rotating set of photos that can be featured, these always bring a smile to the faces of new parents. You could even consider framing a sonogram from their pregnancy. Because all new parents take loads (upon loads) of photos, you could think outside the box a bit and get them new iPhone cases here. These days, a digital phone is virtually all you need to capture the memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime.


Gifts for Mom (or Dad!)

Baby gifts are fantastic but a new mom and/or dad will be super impressed if you think to buy them something amidst all the chaos. You could get them a meal service, a wine basket, a spa day, a nanny service, etc. You could even get Mom a gift card to her favorite clothing store so she can reward herself with some new clothes once all (or at least some!) of the baby weight comes off.


Go for the Gold in Uniqueness

If you are someone who appreciates giving as much as getting gifts that are a tad unconventional, you’ll love this list from Buzzfeed. With a pacifier that closes when it falls on the ground, a “Woombie” for swaddling, a gadget that turns your iPhone into a baby monitor, and a portable fabric high chair, this list is easily reaching genius level gift giving. Another great thing about this list is that it features a few items for when the baby gets older (like the snack/activity tray for traveling), which is always helpful when everyone else is getting them baby items.


Any gift is truly a great gift for a new parent but, if you get an idea or two from this guide, we just know you’re going to make a huge impression on your friend’s heart.