How To Wash Baby Clothes

how to wash baby clothes


Oh my, I didn’t even know I need a guide for washing baby clothes until I was pregnant. I realized then that I can’t just wash Nela’s clothes same way I do ours. I was looking for some basic rules and I stumbled upon one great infographic that I had to share with my readers. You will find 7 easy steps here on how to wash baby clothes. I think every parent will appreciate this!


how to wash baby clothes

How To Wash Baby Clothes

Read the instructions

Oh yes, you already know this.. But, do you know how many parents don’t even read the instructions? Most of them! I have to admit that was my mistake also. I never read that, even with my clothes.
Why should you do that? The fabric of your baby clothes may need some special treatmant and you won’t know that until you read the instructions.

Sort your baby clothing

There are multiple different ways you can separate clothing. White, light and dark colors – they should all be sorted out and you should wash them separately. The other way you can sort them is: cold and warm water. Pick your favorite.

Well, I should not reveal everything. If you want to read more instruction, then check out this awesome infographic from 10exposed.


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