Urinary Incontinence in Children – What to do?

incontinence pants for kids


My good friend gave birth to the cutest baby boy just a few weeks ago. She already has a daughter (3 years old) and it seemed like her daughter is completely ok with the fact that some new little person is becoming the important part of her family. Well, that wasn’t true. Even though she looked ok, something was happening inside of her. Recently, her daughter started to wet her pants during the daytime without any good reason. When my friend started to ask around and do some research, she found out it’s a very common thing that happens to kids when they get a baby brother or sister.

It is just a phase, and it will go away, but what to do until then? Luckily, she heard about incontinence pants for kids and she wanted to give it a try. She ordered it online from DryAndcool and she couldn’t be more happy with those. I decided to share her story to help any other parent with the same problem. With these cool looking incontinence pants her little girl avoided teasing in her kindergarten due to visible wet pants while they still worked on solving her problem. Less than 1% of all affected children have persistent incontinence into adulthood, so it’s not really something alarming.

These incontinence pants for girls are made with an as high absorbency as possible without making them look big and like nappies. They are neat and cool looking, just like any other kind of briefs.

This is not something anyone should be ashamed of. It’s something that happens very often, and at least you know you can hide it whilst trying to solve your problem.


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