Star Wars Command Star Destroyer Set Review


Star Wars Command Star Destroyer Set Review

Star Wars Command Star Destroyer Set

Star Wars Command Star Destroyer Set Review is written by dad.

With a Star Wars fever coming this month, I decided to get deep inside and find a perfect Star Wars Christmas gift. I come across Star Wars Command Star Destroyer Set and it was love at first sight.

First off, out of the box, you have to put it together. That was easy enough. The top chamber has to snap in, and the side wings have to snap in, and then you have to add batteries (4 AA for the destroyer, 2 AAA for the remote – none are included). You fill up the torpedo chamber with the four energy torpedoes (they’re green transparent balls, about the size of tennis balls.) Then turn on the Destroyer and one side of it lights up red. (I thought that was odd, since it would make sense for both sides to light up, but ok). The toy feels pretty sturdy and the shooting part has enough oomph to knock things over effectively (we’ve all seen those wimpy toys that supposedly shoot, but the projectile doesn’t go more than a foot or two).


  • High quality toy for children (and parents) all ages
  • Made using safe materials
  • Tested for quality and durability
  • Star Destroyer set includes 9 Star Wars figures
  • Includes remote-controlled Star Destroyer vehicle
  • Vehicle launches Energy Blast Balls
  • Move vehicle forward or in reverse


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Mostly, though, this is for imaginative play, when a kid and his friends (or dad) get to pretend they’re either a Jedi or bad guys. It comes with three rebel troops, three storm troopers, Luke and Darth Vader. Overall, a pretty cool set and a perfect Christmas gift for Star Wars fan.

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