Seven Tips For Relaxing at the End of the Day

Seven Tips For Relaxing at the End of the Day


Chilling out at the end of the day can be hard, especially if you are a stay at home mom. Well, with these great six tips it will be really easy to relax and chill every single day.

Seven Tips For Relaxing at the End of the Day

  1. Clean and Neat

It may sound odd that a tip on relaxing starts with advice that indicates more work. I am aware that cleaning and tidying up can in itself be exhausting, however in order to really relax, I highly recommend that you take about fifteen minutes to clean up the area where you will be spending your quality time.

Just put everything lying around into closets and drawers, you can get to it later, all the empty spaces should now be cleaned. Use a clean smelling detergent and you will trick yourself into thinking that tonight, there is no housework to be done. If you’re not constantly being reminded of what you need to do or what you should have done, it is much easier to relax.

  1. Turn Down the Lights

Not only does this guarantee that you will not be able to see any undone cleaning, it will help you to become more relaxed. When the light is dimmed, there are less ways to become distracted. All colors come across more gently and this allows for your eyes to relax as well. Instead of using electric light, light candles. Invest some time in making yourself comfortable, those are the small things that count.

  1. Use Scents

I highly recommend the use of scents for relaxing. I personally love lavender. Next to my bed I have a small bag of dried lavender which at times I place under my pillow. It is so soothing! There are other relaxing scents such as ylang ylang, chamomile, bergamot, clary sage, sandalwood and frankincense. The way that scents work varies from person to person, it is best to experiment until you find what works the best for you.

  1. Eat Good Food

It is important for me to enjoy a good meal so that I can relax. The process of cooking can be turned into a goal in itself. Use the finest ingredients on hand and make the food as delicious as possible. Later when you sit down to enjoy the treats you have created, you are going to thank yourself. Just make sure that cooking does not stress you out just because it has to be done. If you feel tired, then maybe for tonight just consider ordering in. A suggestion: the recipes on Smitten Kitchen are delicious, check them out!

  1. Enjoy a Glass of Wine

Red wine in small amounts as I enjoy some food or a good book I find to be quite relaxing. If you are unable to or will not drink alcohol, then I recommend chamomile tea. It really relaxes you, it causes your body to feel heavy and extremely relaxed. A long bath and tea make the perfect combination.

  1. Foot Massage

Why not consider a foot massage when you come home. The feet are connected to so many other parts of the body and a good manual foot massage or even one from a foot massage device can really help you chill when you get home.

  1. Have a Friend Over

A great friend is the best way to get your mind off of work. Make sure that the subject steers away from work, have some fun tonight. Keep in mind that after work your friend may also be tired, so do not overload it, save some adventures for a bit later. Play a game, enjoy a cup of tea, watch an episode or two of your favorite TV series. The important thing here is that; after a long day of unsocial work, being social is good for you and spending time together will greatly benefit your friendship.


  1. I am a big fan of environmental lighting. Overhead lighting is helpful when I’m working on a task, but when it comes time to sit down before bed, I have a few sidelights (and one salt lamp that was a gift) that I put on. I totally agree that it is calming and helps transition from the hectic pace of the day.

  2. Amen on number 1! I just can’t turn my brain off if my house is a wreck. Some advanced planning really does make my night to chill feel so much chiller 🙂

  3. I work from home and never feel as if I’m accomplishing enough on daily bases. So relaxing has been nearly impossible these last few months. Cleaning always relaxes me; it gives me a sense of accomplishment and something I can cross off my list. Plus I get to reap the benefits of my work right away. A good glass of red wine always helps me unwind; it puts a pretty little bow on my day. I totally need a foot massage, the new guy I’m dating seems to give them regularly; I’m going to keep him.


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