The Importance of Positive Discipline for Toddlers

positive discipline for toddlers

positive discipline for toddlers
Terms like bad children shouldn’t exist; it is only the bad behavior. A child will always catch the habits that you inculcate into them. Therefore, it is important to develop positive discipline for toddlers as soon as they start comprehending issues for themselves. As a parent, you need to realize that bad behavior is not an inherent trait, but a learned one. The best gift you can give to your child at a very young age is good manners that will help them relate well with other people even in old age.

The Importance of Positive Discipline for Toddlers


Practice Self-Control

Toddlers have the ability of learning habits displayed by their parents. What you do in front of your children can shape their mannerisms. To grow positive discipline for toddlers, model your behavior around what you would want your child to be. It may be difficult to control yourself whenever your toddler exhibits negative behavior repeatedly. However, yelling at them or treating them violently won’t help either. A stern reprimand is enough to enhance positive discipline for toddlers. Fire begets fire, and your work is not to destroy the character or morale of your child.

Show Approval for Desirable Behaviors

Praising and showing affection for good behavior has been proven to be the most efficient way of maintaining positive discipline for toddlers. A pat on the back or gentle words of encouragement goes a long way in affirming the toddler’s good behavior thus encouraging them to behave so continuously. A good way of doing this is spending quality time with your toddler.

Avoid Bribing

Providing gifts to toddlers for behaving well is not encouraged when trying to develop positive discipline for toddlers. It sends a wrong signal to the toddler that you have to be paid for behaving well. Likewise, when your child throws tantrums or keeps on whining, ignore them or walk away. It will teach them a lesson that there are better ways of showing displeasure.

Apply Logical Repercussions

To enhance positive discipline for toddlers, clear consequences for the actions taken have to be laid down clearly. For instance, if your child throws food on the floor, ensure you make them help you in cleaning up. This consequence ends after cleaning up. You can deprive them of a privilege if there is no repercussion to encourage positive discipline for toddlers. For instance, a toddler who plays roughly must be made to play alone for a short while.

Relate positively with your toddler

Spending quality time with your child is another way of building positive discipline for toddlers. Any promises you give to your child must be kept. Otherwise, they would never learn the importance of honesty and keeping their word. Teach your child to be considerate of other people’s feelings by respecting theirs. It is not such a tough task to develop positive discipline for toddlers by cultivating positive relationships.
Positive discipline for toddlers is developed through conditioning of the child from a tender age. Discipline would enable them to have meaningful and beneficial interactions with their peers. It is your responsibility as a parent to ensure your toddler is well-behaved.


  1. Such great tips! I know I’m becoming more and more aware of certain behaviors I have as I see Monkey Boy imitating those behaviors, especially in times of stress and frustration. I do my best to give grace to both of us, as I recognize we’re both a work in progress. I also find that we relate together so much better when I’m more intentional with my time with him. 🙂

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  3. All great advice. I think it’s important to balance positive attention with negative, especially when they’re toddlers and they’re getting into something they shouldn’t or making a mess every time you turn around! Easier said than done, but at least you can try.


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