Parenting Skills That Can Impact a Child’s Development

good parenting skills


When I became a parent, I was completely clueless about many things, as most new parents are. Before giving birth, I read many parenting blogs to learn about parenting skills and most of the time parents just came up with their own theories why something is right and then they think everyone else should do it that way too.
Luckily, we now have many scientific studies telling us what really is good and what is bad for our kids.

good parenting skills

Parenting Skills That Can Massively Impact a Child’s Development

Every single decision of every single day has the potential to be the life changing thing that defines your child’s future happiness.

Here are some examples of those bad and good parenting skills:

1. Making Assumptions.

So many parents make assumptions and because of that they just get bitter when the kids are older. So, don’t assume your kid is better than the other kids, don’t assume your kid is exactly like you.

2. Not Giving Them Independence.

How do you react when your toddler is trying to do things alone?  For example, the first time he grabs a spoon and tries to feed himself? Do you encourage his independence, no matter of the mess he made, or do you take the spoon back?

Do you let your preschooler pick their own clothes or do you make her change into matching outfit you chose for her?

If you’re answer is no, then you are probably trying to control things you don’t need to control. Maybe it would be convenient for you if your toddler waited to feed himself until he was old enough to do it without requiring a bath after every meal, but if he’s ready, he’s ready. You need to step back and allow little independence.

3. Teaching Them Value Of Money.

I can’t talk about this enough. Talking with kids about money value can be a little awkward, especially if they still don’t fully understand the concept, but it’s still very important. Learning to handle money is a really important skill and I believe it’s never too early to start teaching them about value of money.  I even produced a money lessons for kids infographic, to show the parents how important that is.

4. Reading To Your Kids.

If you read to them, it’s more likely they will also love to read when they grow up. It really is a lifelong skill that opens up new worlds.

You can choose one of the best books for toddlers.

After all this, I can say only one thing: parents make mistakes. It is going to happen, so we need to stop overthink the little things and just give as much love as we can. Because, in the end, giving love is the smallest parenting decision that has the most massive impact.

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  1. We are all about these skills in our family. I think it’s so important to do more, while also following a child’s lead on topics. In this vain, we typically allow Monkey Boy (and now Turtle Boy, too) to roam around and play with whatever suits their fancy. We also include them in discussions about life (paying bills, decisions when buying things, etc.) by not keeping those tasks and conversations secret. And boy do we love books! I’m happy to foster reading for the boys.


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