An Open Letter To All The Single Dads Around The World

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An Open Letter To All The Single Dads Around The World


Hey Single Dads,

We know it is hard!

Single parenting is extremely hard and has its list of positive and negative effects. And you understood them. You maintained a positive attitude about the adverse things and tried to overcome them.

Doing your daughter’s hair is hard. Those braids and plaits are complicated. Seeing that she doesn’t starve herself to be stick-thin, encouraging her during her low self-esteem episodes, keeping track of her periods and loading the fridge with ice creams and chocolates, it isn’t easy.

Getting your baby boy eat was such a task, wasn’t it? He’s all grown up now, he eats his food and does his laundry. But watching out for any bullies, taking care that he doesn’t get used to substance abuse or unhealthy habits, due to the so-called masculine requirements, it isn’t easy.

You were there. You wanted to be there for everything. You were emotionally available when your daughter was bullied, and you walked her through those tough years. You were there when she went through her first heartbreak. You were there for your son’s graduation. You were there with him during all those sleepless nights he spent during his years of loneliness.

Amidst this, you also managed to write that book of yours. You did that presentation your boss asked. You woke up two hours early and left to work on time every morning. You denied that role which required you to spend more time at work, so you don’t neglect your kids in the process. It wasn’t easy.

Although your kids apologized multiple times for curbing your chances of getting remarried because they’re consuming your whole time, you never blamed them. You saw difficult times pass, and you put your kids’ needs before yours. You brushed off any hardships and had a smile on your face through all of them.

Also, your dad jokes were funny, even if your kids rolled their eyes and asked you to stop. Your jeans were cooler than theirs. Your bacon was always better, and your lasagna was always crispier. You did the boring grocery shopping all by yourself, you ironed the clothes, and did the dishes and never, even for a second, felt ashamed about all those not-so-manly jobs.

You always worried about your kids’ future. You counseled them when they were flunking. You explained the importance of education to them. You did those extra weekend shifts when your kids were on a holiday with their grandparents. You knew it could get harder down the road so you saved every penny and managed your finances accordingly.

You did all of this for your kids, and they love you and are grateful for that. But they also want you to take care of yourself. They want you to remember that self-love you might’ve forgotten. They want you to hit that gym and stay fit. They want you to start dating again. They want you to be happier. You’ve done more than enough, and no amount of thanks will do the job.

For all that you’ve done, your kids love you. They love you more than you think we do.

Happy Fathers’ Day


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