Mystical Makings Etsy Shop – Crystal & Wood Jewelry

Crystal and Wood jewlery

Hey friends, I’d like to share with you a beautiful shop I recently came across – Mystical Makings.

Mystical Makings Etsy Shop – Crystal & Wood Jewelry

They make wood, crystal, and hemp jewelry like I’ve never seen before. In a saturated Etsy market these two amazing souls, Emily & Dave craft unique & outstanding chakra healing gemstone jewelry. From sodalite, jade, rose quartz, amethyst and much more, they combine wood with healing crystals and hemp to make a captivating and powerful piece.

Here are some of my favorite pieces out of their shop.

Crystal and Wood jewlery

Aren’t those beautiful? It was love at first sight!

Based out of Michigan, these two are currently traveling the US in their RV, searching for a place to buy land and start a self sufficient farm. I bought a few pieces myself, and can say that there are no others like it.

For my readers only, they have given me a free shipping coupon. FREESHIP1 will get your crystal jewelry sent out to you for free!

Visit their Etsy store to see more items and designs – I am sure you will find something perfect for you!



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