10 Terrific Websites For Kids And Parents

Best Websites For Kids And Parents

A good children’s website should be both educational and entertaining for its young visitors. The 10 educational websites listed here score top marks in both fields, and at least some of them are sure to be big hits for your own inquisitive youngsters.

Best Websites For Kids And Parents

Best Websites For Kids And Parents

1) Curious World

Curious World is a carefully-crafted site put together by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. The target audience here is made up of the youngest of the young; this is primarily a pre-kindergarten website. It covers social skills along with reliable standbys like math and reading readiness. One of the best features you’ll find here is a fully-customizable flashcard system that you can fine-tune by age and subject matter. Once your selections are set, your kids can enjoy the flashcards at any time.

2) Spatulatta

The working theory that drives the Spatulatta site is that the kitchen can be a learning environment. Besides educating kids on basic cooking and safety techniques, the site will also let them explore new recipes based on the ingredients and meals they love. Why not encourage your picky eaters to transform into young chefs?

3) BrainPOP

BrainPOP is an animated site that does a terrific job of educating kids either one-on-one or by the class. The site covers a diverse range of topics – from history to science to the stock market. Continuity and connection are encouraged by a pack of endearing characters led by a plucky robot.

4) FarFaria

Are your children hungry for fresh stories when the time for bedtime reading rolls around? FarFaria is a terrific app that gives you access to an endless library of anytime storybooks. Subscriptions for the site can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis, and your payment unlocks a library big enough to satisfy even the most voracious of readers.

5) Agnitus.com

Agnitus is a tactile learning site. Figuring that kids hear “don’t touch!” way too often, the makers of Agnitus have put together a learning environment where curious youngsters are encouraged to get hands-on with the learning experience. Subjects include reading, colors, basic numbers, size relationships, and more. This tablet-centric educational site has a free trial available to determine whether or not it’s a good fit with your kids.

6) Babytv.com

An unending stream of tot-friendly TV programming is the big draw at babytv.com. Equip yourself with some educational resources to ease your way through those sleepless 3 AM nights! There are always educational shows, music, games, and more available. The site uses a structured fee approach that allows you to pick the features you want and the devices (Kindle, iPad, etc) your kids will use.

7) Funbrain

Funbrain is a wide-ranging site that has outstanding reading and math content for kids from preschool age all the way up to Grade 8. Mobile reading is a big draw, as are fun games like Grammar Gorillas and Math Baseball.

8) ABCMouse.com

This site bills itself as the world’s most comprehensive learning tool for children between the ages of two and seven. Kids will be able to listen to music, read (or listen to) books, color, and play games across a range of customized learning levels designed by educational experts. Full progress tracking adds to the site’s value for parents. You can try the site for free for up to a month; ongoing membership will cost $7.95 per month.

9) Focus Clinics

Sometimes inspiration can come from the most unusual of places and this little game from Focus Clinics shows this to be the case. It’s fun and will certainly keep children happy.

10) PBS Kids

For multi-generational PBS families, there’s no better way to entertain and educate the next generation than checking out PBS Kids. Your children will be in good hands with both familiar faces like Curious George and Elmo and new friends like Peg + Cat. Besides a vast library of fun games, this site also provides you with tons of printable materials to help your child learn offline.


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