Most Common Irrational Fears That Kids Have

irrational fears


When talking about irrational fears that kids have, we need to remember one thing – Children’s fears are not irrational, they are just differently rational. Those fears are completely rational if you base your view on how a child of a specific age understands the world. After all, we are all irrationally afraid of the unknown.

Most Common Irrational Fears That Kids Have

1. Fear of the dark

This is probably the most common irrational fear that kids have. You can’t find this irrational, because it’s, in fact, a very rational fear. They fear of the dark because darkness could hold anything and in their mind it’s possible that darkness hold things that are not good.

2. Fear of monsters

Monsters could be anywhere – in the closet, under the bed, sitting on the window… You have to understand that in children’s world, the fantasy is often a part of reality. You can deal with fear of monsters easily. The monsters in the room can be scared away by a big cuddly guard bear in bed, or some other superhero toy. We had a ‘monsters in the bedroom’ incident recently. You can read how we dealt with that.

3. Fear of water

This is the fear my daughter (and us) have been dealing with. We live near the beach, but this summer we were on the beach maybe 2-3 times. Why? Because even a little splash on her leg from someone passing by made her scream like she’d been cut with a knife. Like someone is torturing her. Well, what did we do to help her? Nothing. She didn’t go into the sea this summer. We showed empathy and tried to understand her fear. We validate her fear and didn’t tell her it’s silly.

irrational fears

When it comes to all irrational fears kids have, just saying something like “It sounds like you are really scared” can help then feel more calm and connected to you. Remember: no matter how silly a fear sounds, the emotions behind those irrational fears are real.

Next step is showing them that you are not afraid. That way you will also help them get confidence.

Be patient and motivating – and don’t ever again think that those irrational fears are actually rational!


  1. A friend of mine’s son had a phase of being afraid of buttons (as in, clothes buttons) – not sure how unusual that is? It’s called Koumpounophobia and apparently Steve Jobs had it too!


  2. So though when they have fears when they are that age they are just adamant but think you right being calming and talking it though with them works wanders Thanks for linking up to #kidscorner x


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