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hawaian shirts for kids


Wait a minute, children’s clothing made in America? You and I both know that in this day and age its increasingly difficult to find any products made in the U.S.A. especially clothing. Say Aloha to this wonderful company that make children’s, as well as adult Hawaiian clothing, right here in the U.S.A.

hawaian shirts for kids

They appear to be a mom and pop company, which means the products are good quality. The website primarily sells Hawaiian shirts for men as well as women and a smaller selection for children. Nonetheless the clothing looks really nice and is probably well made. Wave Shoppe says their clothing is made in Hawaii and in California. And the prices are much, lower than a Tommy Bahama or Reyn Spooner shirt. Just about everyone’s parents wore one at one time or another.

Seriously, the mens Hawaiian shirts from Wave Shoppe are sized from small all the way up to luau sizes like 5X and the variety of designs available are almost endless. There are lots of shirts with different types of  birds and flower, cars, and even one with pinup girls.

The womens Hawaiian clothing has everything from tropical print dresses with an array of designs as well as some really nice long rayon dresses. Having said that, the ladies section has beautiful blouses as well as muumuus which go way back in Hawaiian history.

Of course you may be asking yourself, where do people usually wear Hawaiian clothing? Especially if you don’t get a lot of summer weather that supports outside Hawaiian parties. You often have to get creative, build an indoor tiki bar (or invite yourself to a friends tiki bar). You could do a tropical themed lunch with your friends or even invite all the neighborhood luau birthday party, children love all the colors and decorations.

Maybe you prefer to travel, I am sure that the destinations where this type of clothing would fit in well is pretty expensive. Figi, Costa Rica, Florida Keys, or the Hawaiian islands anyone?

You can wear shirts and tropical dresses just about anywhere. Keep in mind that dresses such as muumuus are standard attire for events such as the Ukulele festival on the island of Oahu or the Merrie Monarch Festival in Hawaii. I would imagine that Wave Shoppe sells everything you would ever need for such a grand Hawaiian event in Hilo.


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