Custom Mousepads on Etsy – MousePad Center Shop

Custom Mousepads on Etsy - Mouse Pad Center Shop


Here comes another weekend… And as you all already know, my favorite weekend activity is browsing lovely shops on Etsy! I can’t say enough times how much I love this platform! I can spend all day long there looking for something perfect for my daughter or my friends. I even plan to buy most of the Christmas presents for my friends and family there. And I am sure they will love it! That is not so unusual since you can find all kind of beautiful and unique things on Etsy – with very reasonable prices.

So, if you’re still not buying things on Etsy – go there and help some independent artist and vintage sellers to earn some money.

Custom Mousepads on Etsy – MousePad Center Shop

Custom Mousepads on Etsy - Mouse Pad Center Shop

The Etsy shop I want to talk to you about today is MousePad Center. I was looking for some unique mousepads for my husband and I stumbled upon this awesome shop. I can just say “wow”! The shop owner is lovely Vesna from Croatia, a great little Mediterranean country in the southern part of Central Europe.

” Since 2002 I have been running a local store in my hometown manufacturing handmade custom mouse pads. Over the years, I have developed my own techniques which distinguish my mouse pads from my competition and allow my finished product to be of a superior quality and durability.”

Her shop offers great variety of custom mousepads. Each custom mousepad is 100% handmade using high quality base materials which puts them in a different class from most of the similar “handmade” products available. These awesome mouse pads not only feature brilliant colors and clear images; they have hard waterproof coating that can be cleaned easily, so makes them a longer lasting product.

I know I will be buying few of them for Christmas. What about you?




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