How to Draw- Kids Edition

How to draw - for kids

Every person’s most fun childhood memories will probably include drawing activities. Remember drawing your pet? A rose maybe? How about your favorite toy? This super fun activity helps kids express their thoughts and ideas through visual images and colors, but also remains to be an engaging bonding moment best shared with family, friends, and loved ones. There are limitless possibilities for children when they are given every opportunity to freely access their imagination, observe their surroundings, and interpret their appreciation for the world around them through drawing.

How to draw – for kids

The ability to express is extremely beneficial for children and brings so many positive impacts to a child’s overall wellbeing. Not everyone may be born with the talent to showcase excellent drawings but there is always beauty in every messy colorful image brought by an innocent child proudly and happily showing off their work of art. It is that joy in their child’s face that every parent looks forward to seeing every day. It is the parents joy that they too, as curious kids, long to see after every accomplished creation.

As a skill that can easily be learned, children do not need to be born with an amazing talent to come up with great masterpieces. In time though, through practice and continued desire to keep learning and improving, a child’s skill can be better developed into becoming really talented artists in the long run. Who knows, your child can be the next Leonardo De Vinci or the next creator of this generation’s Mona Lisa?

So how can we help our children enhance this skill? Here are some useful tips for starters.

Let your kids explore their surroundings.

Kids love to observe and take mental notes of what they see around them. While there may be limitation to where kids can explore nowadays, it is best to find every opportunity to let them see the beauty of nature, the colors of the trees and flowers, see different shapes of animals, and the lovely creatures around them. Kieron Williamson is a perfect example of a young child who only started to find interest in artwork when he was 5 years old after seeing boats during a family vacation. As a result, he has now made a name for himself through his artworks.

Make drawing time FUN TIME

Children get more excited to showcase their work of art when they are able to share this moment with others. Share the joy by spending this time with them and join them In the fun. My family and I love spending time together surrounded by different drawing materials and just comparing each other’s work and learning from each other. Such moments are priceless and will definitely leave great memories to your child.

Set challenges

Every child will have a favorite work of art. I remember as a child wanting to draw the same tree over and over again. I got better at it in time, but being asked by my mom to try drawing other things like a rose or how to draw our dog. It got me excited to try something new and eventually my collection was full of so many images, colors. Every single one of them were like photos capturing memories from my past.

Observe and support

Every child will have a preference to what they love to draw. As each child will have unique personality, the way they express their dreams, nightmares, desires, and ideas will vary too. Aelita Andre for example is a child prodigy who first started painting at 9 months old and had her first solo exhibition at the age of two. People at first found it interesting that her drawings seemed ordinary and abstract, but it was only through watching her in action where one would see how unique this child is.

It is important then for us to observe what they enjoy focusing on and support them by giving resources that will enhance their preferences. Books, videos, or other learning materials will be very helpful as they continue improving. Your support will help them want to draw more and express themselves more.

Explore the web

The online world now offers an unlimited resources that you can use together in this journey. Here are some useful resources available for both of you.

How to draw ice cream

How to draw a rose

In conclusion, there is no denying that drawing really brings out so much in every child. Let their imagination run wild and enjoy the experience with them. Someday, you’ll be very thankful to have made this activity a part of your spectacular journey in parenthood.


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