Happy Jar for your Favorite Memories

happy jar


I love simple craft projects where I can recycle things that I would otherwise just threw away in the garbage. Whenever I find such an idea on some other blog, I bookmark it for later.

happy jar

Happy Jar

So, last weekend I decided to check what do I have in my ‘DIY folder’ on Pinterest and I found this. It is so simple and yet so perfect. I wanted to try to make this immediately! It is a happy jar or maybe we should call it a memory jar – a place where you can put all your happy memories with your kids so you will never forget them.. Since I was a little girl I was always writing journals, letters, taking photos and doing everything so my memories would never be lost. And when I read about happy jar I knew I had to make one for myself! And here it is!

Happy Jar

How does it work? Each day you wrote down something that made you happy and put it in the happy memory jar, and at the end of the year you can read all those little papers and remind yourself of good times you had that year.. Isn’t that such a great idea? Or you can even open it when you are feeling down. Reading your favorite memories will definitely make you smile!

You don’t have to use lots of tools to make this amazing happy jar. You will just need a simple jar and some stickers. Of course, you can make it more ‘professional’ by using ribbons, glitter or anything else you like, but this one is good enough for me.

I can’t wait for this year to finish so I can open my happy memory jar and read all the wonderful stuff that happened to me and that made my smile every single day.


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