How to Generate Ideas for Essay Writing

essay ideas

I know that it is the height of summer vacation and the last thing any parent wants to think about is school work. However, we all know that at one point one of our kids is going to come to us to inform us that they have an essay due. The next statement you will probably hear is, it is due in the morning. After you calm down, you will probably realize that it has been years since you thought about an essay, let alone about ideas for essay.

Essay writing is not hard. It can be difficult if you make it hard or stressful. So now that summer is here let’s add one more item to that good old parenting bag of tricks.  The tricks to successful essay writing are good brainstorming, sticking to the thesis, and staying relaxed.

essay ideas

Do Not Overthink

The first tip is not to overthink the brainstorming. Hopefully, you will luck out, and your child will already have the topic. No sweat if they don’t, you can come up with ideas for essay quickly. The easiest way to write an essay is to use the “three-part” thesis method. Even today when I write, you can be sure that this is my old faithful.

Pick a topic that you can come up with three ideas or parts that you can fully develop into at least three sentence paragraphs. They should be separate ideas and easy to write about. Remember to keep them simple. In fact, if you look back to the last sentence of the second paragraph of this post, you see my three part thesis.

Kick those ideas around till you can write an effective thesis with supporting paragraphs.

Stick To It

Now that you have the argument stick to it. It is easy once you start writing to go off on a tangent. If you are like me, you have a tendency to let your mind roam. Start a paper on whales, and before too long you are writing about Finding Dory. It happens; that is what makes the three-part thesis so high a method. Every one of your paragraphs should in some way support an idea of the thesis statement.

If you follow the three-part thesis, you have your body. It will be at least three paragraphs, and for most schools, that is more than enough. All you need to do is write your opening and your conclusion. Me what I like to do, is as always, keep it simple. I restate my introductory paragraph as my closing. Why make life hard?

Stay Relaxed

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of staying relaxed. Too often we turn the simple things into planning the D-day Invasion. Coming up with ideas for essay and writing it can be a challenge, but it need not be scary or stressful. Take small breaks when you feel that writer’s block come on. Do not force writing.

If you become stressed, the ink pen will dry up quickly.

I like to play music when I write, nothing that will distract me, but something that will tune out the background and keep me relaxed. It helps me to stay on task. So much time as I can avoid stress, I can write anything.

Good brainstorming, sticking to the thesis, and staying relaxed can help you write any essay, no matter how last minute.  With summer upon us, I know we are much happier turning our attention to the sun and fun, but it never hurts to be prepared. It won’t be long until that dreaded, “What I did for summer vacation” essays will soon be due.



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