Fun Ways To Help Your Kids Learn the ABC’s

fun ways to teach kids abc's

Let’s be honest, it’s downright hard to get kids excited about doing anything connected to school. Children would rather be playing computer games, watching cartoons or playing with their friends. Well, adults too!

I don’t have school problems yet because my daughter is only three years old – but one thing I have a problem with is to get her interested in learning things that are appropriate for her age. Like letters, numbers or colors. At the moment, we are trying to learn the alphabet. Luckily, I found several things that work like magic when I want her to get excited to learn.

fun ways to teach kids abc's

1. Playing Games

See, we are back on playing games – one thing that kids definitely like to do. We love our Wii U, so when I found a great game called Now I know my ABC’s – I knew we had a winner.

How does it work? The goal is to write every letter in both lowercase and uppercase. After your kid complete writing a letter, the crowd cheers for him for her, giving positive reinforcement to help encourage the learning of even more letters! My daughter loves when the crowd cheers for her!

2. Singing

Don’t be shy. Sing the ABC song all the time. Make it the number one on your chart this week. You will see how your kid is picking it up in no time.

3. Do Alphabet Crafts Together

If you need some inspiration – go to Pinterest. You can find all kind of crafts there that even toddler can do. For example, you can make an alphabet book together. Your kid will be so proud and excited.

4. Read ABC Books

There are tons of them out there, but one of our favorite is Alphablock Board Book. We can’t help it – we love all the board books for toddlers.

Do you have some nice trick that helped your kids learn the ABC’s?


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