How Does Cyberbullying Affect the Victim?


There is no difference between the real life and the cyberbullying, both are responsible for stress, anxiety and psychological issues in a victim. The victims feel the same issues as real-life bullying do, such as low self-esteem and depression. The victims of online bullying feel very bad when someone bullied them online by using social media apps, websites and others. They usually got some issues that really damage their health, mental health, and body language. If the victims are young then they don’t want to visit the place such as schools, because having deep depression they start suffering academically.

How Does Cyberbullying Affect the Victim?


Today we have accumulated after effects of cyberbullying that the victims such as young kids, tweens, and teens. There are some following effects of online bullying.

Mind becomes overloaded

When a young kid or teen bullied online, a victim starts thinking that everyone is making their fun and they are laughing at me. In this situation, the mind of victim whether it is tween or teen, stop working and the issue grasped the entire mind. That means the bullied person’s mind becomes overloaded.

Insecure Feelings

When young kids and teens cyberbullied, they start thinking themselves insecure and such feelings start haunting their mind. The reasons for insecure feeling are no one is there for the victim to help out, and cyber bullies will make their fun through online world such as social media. They also have feared that there is no place to hide and cyber bullies are everywhere. Having such type of feelings a victim mind obviously becomes insecure. Most of the victim has the fear that cyber bully knows them personally.

Feel ultimate embarrassment

The young kids and teens who trapped by cyber bullies, they feel ultimate humiliation. Because, they know that on social media, once a thing happen openly, it will remain permanent and everyone will enjoy it for the sake of fun. When the cyberbullying happens online on any social media platform, there will be plenty of nasty and un-ethical comments posted by the people that make a person more shamed and helpless.

They took pity on themselves

The victims start feeling dissatisfied with their personalities. The cyberbullies target the person where they can disturb the target the most. Therefore, victims start thinking that they are worthless and they took pity on themselves. There are some kinds of victims that start self-harming such as fat girl starts lacking with the diet when being called fat by someone. Victims want to prevent cyberbullying and lose health by skipping their meal.

Become Aggressive in nature

There are some victims of online bullying that become aggressive in nature and don’t tolerate when something happens to them. In response, they start planning to get revenge and things went wrong in the process of retaliation. This kind of response gives more appreciation to the online bullies to tease the victim again and again. However, ignoring such kind of bad activity would be far better than taking bullies into account.

Life become meaningless

When cyber bullies attack someone and humiliate badly, the victim becomes dishearten and think that life is meaningless and helpless. They start losing interest in their routine matters and even the activities they used to do. Parents should need to aware off when kids and teens seem the change in their behavior then discuss the matter with them and ask them what really is going on.

Feel Loneliness

Cyberbullying pushes a victim in a complete sense of isolation and they don’t want to go to school. That type of condition is very painful for the victim because friends are the ones that can give you hope and stand beside you. People who are the expert on this issue, they recommend that a victim turn off their cell phone or windows laptop or MAC machine rapidly. It will give a victim a relief for a while. But young teens become very stressful when they switch off their phone or computer because these are the tools that help them out to communicate with the friends.

Starts lacking Studies

According to the states the kids who become the victims of online bullying, they are the most absent kids in the school compared to other kids. They don’t want to go to school because they actually save themselves from bullies that have shared prank calls and messages online. They know that if they go to school they will be bullied in real life as well in school. There are cases where kids and teens stop going to school and even dropped from the semester.

How can parents protect teens and kids from cyberbullying?


Modern technology in the shape of cyberspace and further as social networking apps have introduced plenty of issues such as cyberbullying. But on another hand, the technology has also introduced such tech-tools that have to be made for the prevention of such type of online social issues. Therefore, parents should use the cell phone & (Windows +MAC) monitoring software to prevent young kids and teens from online bullying. It enables a user to prevent what is happening on kids and teens computers or cell phone devices.

They will be able to see the surroundings of young kids and teens remotely and they will be able to listen to the surrounding sounds and conversations on their devices remotely. The user can use MIC bug for listen to the surround conversations and voices and also make short videos of kids and teens by using the spyvidcam of the kids monitoring software. It further allows a user to view IM’s logs, IM’s conversations, IM’s chats and shared media files. It will help out parents to see if someone has bullied online their teens. The user can also track the GPS location of teens and kids if someone is bullying them in real life by using the GPS location tracker.

On another hand, parents can get also screen recording of kids and teens activities on their cell phones such as chrome screen recording, IM’s screen recording, camera screen recording, Gmail screen recording and SMS screen recording and others things alike.


Cyber Bullying is a curse. Parents should aware of the vulnerabilities of online bullying; they can protect young kids and teens by using monitoring software.


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