Some Cool Parenting Techniques

cool parenting techniques

These are some fun and cool parenting techniques I found recently on Quora! Feel free to add some of yours in the comment section.

cool parenting techniques

Some Cool Parenting Techniques You Should Try

How to enforce a curfew without losing sleep in the process?
Put a spare alarm clock on your bedside table set for curfew time, and instruct your kid that they must be home in time to turn the alarm off before it went off. You could sleep but still know if your child wasn’t home on time. Handy bonus:  When someone comes into the room when you’re sleeping you will probably wake up just a little bit. This little bit awake will be enough to be able to smell whether there was alcohol or tobacco on the breath of the kid bending over trying to turn the alarm off.

Three Bite Rule

We all know that most kids are picky eaters. If you want to expand their plates without causing undue distress, try this rule. So, whatever you make for dinner (maybe our savory spinach rolls), your kids have to eat three bites of everything. This is such an amazing rule for so many reasons. You will always be sure that your kid eat well and three bites is enough food for a child to really get a taste of a food.

Let Them Pick Their Punishment

When your kid does something wrong, you should always offer him a choice of punishment (two or three choices to pick from). Kids need to feel like they have choices like adults do, and by allowing the kids some freedom of choice in their punishments, it was easier to think of them less as punishment and more as natural consequences for actions. In addition, the kids will less likely to resent whatever the punishment is when they are given some choice in picking it.

Time countdown option

When you need your kid to do something, just ask him: “Would you like to brush your teeth now or in two minutes?”. They will probably choose two minutes every time. But, after those two minutes, they will do it without complaining.

Feel free to add some of your cool parenting techniques.



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