My Child Suffered Injuries From A Dog Attack: What Should I Do Next?

what to do after a dog attack


The worst experience that a parent can go through is seeing their child get injured. Children tend to have an attraction to animals, especially dogs. This attraction can sometimes end with severe repercussions for the child and even with a fatality. The child may have just wanted to pet the dog like many children do, but instead, they were faced with an aggressive dog and suffered injuries because of it. The question that many parents may ask themselves is: “what should I do after my child is bitten by another person’s dog”?

Here are few tips on what should you do after a dog attack.

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what to do after a dog attack

Steps To Take After A Dog Attack

Did you know that there are about 1,000 people throughout the United States that seek emergency care for dog bites every year? Use the following tips of what a parent should do after their child has been injured by a strangers dog:

  • It is vital that the child seeks immediate medical assistance. The health of the child is the most important thing to think about in these types of situations. Also, seeking care serves as a form of evidence for potential a claim. It shows that the child did, in fact, get hurt from the attack and that they took the time to get treated for their injuries.
  • Do not go by what the owner’s word that their dog has had all their shots. Report the attack to the local health department where they could provide you with that information.
  • Report it to animal services where they would keep a record of attack. This is also another form of evidence.
  • Try to gather as much information of the dog’s owner. Make sure to get their name, phone number, address, and write down everything they had to say. Also, write down the breed and sex of the dog.
  • Try taking pictures and videos of the dog, the location of the attack and the injuries sustained are great assets for a case. If the parent is unable to do so themselves, they should have a relative or friend to go take pictures of the scene. Remember that the more evidence that you have, the better it will be in the formation of a solid case.
  • The professional advice of a litigator that specializes in personal injury cases should be sought. Insurance companies will never want to give you the full amount of damages that your child is entitled to. They will try their best in using their tactics to avoid liability for the attack.


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