Have A Child? What You Need To Know About Teaching Them How To Swim

Have A Child? What You Need To Know About Teaching Them How To Swim

There is so many things parents can teach their children when they are still toddlers. At this young age is when kids are willing to learn almost anything including swimming. However, teaching a kid how to swim can be challenging for anyone. This is because kids have different learning styles compared to adults. That is their abilities, enthusiasm and way of thinking differs significantly from adults. If you want to make a swimming learning process effective for your kids, you need to think like they do. Not literally but put yourself in their shoes and see how you would have reacted if it was you. 

There are various factors you need to take into consideration while teaching your kids how to swim. First is their physical appearance. Kids have smaller limbs than adults which mean that they will not swim as fast as adults. Also don’t expect them to learn strokes until their limbs are fully developed. Second, their lung capacity is very small. That means they cannot stay longer under water like adults. And third, the fact that kids have a bigger head than their body makes it harder for them to float in water. You need to take into consideration all these factors while teaching your kid how to swim. This will help you be patient with them as you they learn how to swim. 

There is always a learning curve when it comes to swimming. So don’t expect your child to learn quickly how to swim like a dolphin. It takes time. When you are teaching your kids how to swim, expect them to scream when they first come into contact with water. Most kids are scared of water. It will not be easy convincing them to take the leap into water but assure them you will be with them throughout the swimming lesson. Kids are likely to trust you as a parent than strangers. The worst thing you can ever do is throw them into water when they are not ready to swim. Forcing your child to swim can result in unwanted accidents including swallowing water. 

So the first thing you will have to teach your child is to love water. You can do this while bathing them in a bath tub. Let them play and enjoy the small pool so that they can come to relate water with fun activities. This will help them calm down when they jump into the big pool. 

It is important you teach your kids to have fun while swimming. Even when they are scared of water make the swimming lesson as fun as possible. To make the swimming lesson fun you can start by teaching them how to kick their legs. Most kids enjoy kicking the water just to see how much water they can splash with their feet. Let them understand that kicking their legs helps them move while swimming. Afterwards you can teach them how to use their arms to pull themselves while swimming. With time they will learn how to use their arms and legs to swim through water. 

For your kids to relax in water and stay afloat you need to buy them a floatation device. Make sure the floating device enables them to move their arms and legs. Once they are in their floaters you can let them balance on their own in water. A floating device helps a kid learn how to kick their legs and move their feet in water without sinking. 

While teaching your kids how to swim it is important you teach them how to hold their breath. They can begin by placing their mouth in water before progressing to nose and mouth. To make it fun, you can let them blow bubbles in water. Kids always love the sound of it. After they muster this, you can teach them how to jump in the pool from the side using the floatation device. Once they grasp these basics you can teach them how to swim in the baby pool. Don’t make the lesson too long and always make it fun. After every lesson, make sure they keep progressing. 

For the safety of your child you need to make sure the pool is clean all the time. You can use pool filter to collect any dirt that accumulate on water. Also make sure the steps and the pool floor is clean. Robotic pool cleaner is an automatic pool cleaner that help helps you clean your swimming pool floor effectively. They rely on electricity which means you will not run your pool filter while cleaning the pool. 

Teaching your kids is one of the most important life skills you can impart on them. Swimming is a good exercise for them and for their safety. I hope you drew inspiration from these swimming tips. 


  1. I’ve always regretted the fact that my parents didn’t teach us how to swim when I was young. This article shows me there are so many factors to take into consideration when teaching children to swim. First thing first you have to teach your child to love water, that’s sooooo true 🙂 I never thought about that


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