Benefits of Getting Your Children’s DNA Tested

Benefits of Getting Your Children's DNA Tested

Genes run the show, they say. Everything that we are or who our kids become, the argument goes, is written in our genetic code. While clearly untrue, such deterministic view does bear legitimacy when it comes to detecting a child’s potential for, say, a sports career.

Benefits of Getting Your Children’s DNA Tested

Benefits of Getting Your Children's DNA Tested

Modern technology has made it possible to scan the landscape and read the transcript of our DNA. Height potential, memory performance, overweight potential; all of these can be glimpsed at by taking a simple DNA test. The benefits of testing your child’s DNA test are aplenty, of which we extract a few.

Discovering Your Kid’s Talent

The point of taking a DNA test may be to discover, or rather, uncover a natural disposition towards certain skill, talents included. Learning about your kid’s genetic advantages gives you an opportunity to play on those advantages and provide them a life path that’s in accordance with their genetic strengths.

Your kid may be destined for a sports career, or to become a successful singer. But be it as it may, it’s all about the potential here; the awareness that potential exists is the first step towards realizing it.

Getting Ahead of Your Kids Personality Traits

There is a gene, COMP it’s called, whose variants determine our susceptibility to stress and our ability to cope with it. One variant points towards emotional sensitivity while the other is responsible for good stress resistance.

Your child’s genetic makeup is responsible for his/her personality traits. Resistance to stress is only one of them, proneness towards addiction another. Early awareness on these things will later help you in raising your kid while respecting who they are in the process.

Detecting Any Potential Health Issue

This is big. Each stage in child’s development comes laden with potential health issues which cause much stress in both parents and kids. Knowing about them early on can help you prepare for or prevent those problems. The areas where the DNA testing may be of huge help are as follows:

  • Allergies: yeah, spring time may not mean joy for all of us. Cats, too. Proneness to allergies is written in genotypes, and information on it the key for taking preventive action.
  • Food Tolerance: lactose or fructose, some people have a hard time processing one of these two natural sugars. Again, taking preventive action or adjusting the lifestyle is only possible if we have the necessary information.
  • Overweight Risk: numbers don’t lie, overweight is a growing problem throughout the world, and the one way to fight it is being aware of its risk.
  • Immunity: as a natural protection from diseases, immunity is also predetermined by the DNA. Any potential weakness in the immune system can be addressed by adjusting the diet and lifestyle.

Think of your child’s genetic structure as a handful of cards from the deck. It is what it is. You can wade through life giving chance more prominent spot, or you can take matter in your own hands and learn the strengths of each card individually in order to play them better. It’s up to you.


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