9 Super Fashion Tips for Moms – Fall 2016 Edition

fall fashion 2016


Do you have a love/hate relationship with fall? When autumn strikes, the world is filled with dazzling hues of orange, gold, yellow and red colours that are so beautiful; however, the weather can be hard to deal with. Learning to dress during this season can be difficult. Some days it’s a beautiful warm day where you can still wear your summer clothing. Other days, the weather is cooler and nothing is better than a sweater. Then, there are the days that it is cold in the morning, warm in the middle of the day and then cool in the evening. What is a gal to do?

Since we already know we cannot control the weather, we need to learn how to dress appropriately. Learning to layer your clothing is one of the most important things you can do to help keep you comfortable throughout the day. Continue reading to learn the top 9 fashion hacks on how to layer your clothing without the bulk.

Proportions are Important

To help you create a balanced layered look, you must learn how to mix proportions. You want to wear fitted with loose or short with long. For example, you can layer a short sweater over a long tank top or wear a fitted tank top under a thick, chunky sweater. When you learn how to layer properly, your outfit will look amazing without adding 10 pounds to your appearance.


Simply Colours with Different Textures

Layering your clothing to create a stunning outfit can seem overwhelming at times. To help ensure you get it right, opt for soothing neutral colours and layer different textures together to create interest. For example, choose a neutral silky tank and pair it with a thick, chunky knit sweater.


Dress It Up

The amount and type of layers you wear will depend on the weather. No matter the weather, the best choices are thin layers. One of the latest fashion trends is to wear a pair of pants underneath a dress. You can do this by wearing a pair of tights under a sweater dress. Pair this with a few accessories to create an amazing outfit.


Build it for Winter

Ensuring your wardrobe works well not just for the autumnal period but also into winter is a great idea – hence we’ve included this great winter wardrobe tip infographic from StyleWe. It looks at creating a wardrobe that’s stylish and practical and you can’t ask for much more than that.


Give Your Neutrals a Punch of Colours

Wearing neutral colours is a great way to bring your look together. Use a bold accessory such as a beautiful handbag, scarf or chunky jewellery to bring colour and interest to your outfit. The favourite colours for fall are deep reds, bold oranges and bright yellows. You can transform a ho-hum outfit with one or two accessories.


Stock Up On Your Basics

Button up shirts, cardigans, tights and basic t-shirts are the things that are used to create an amazing outfit. They can easily be paired together to create a luxurious look. You can finish your outfit with either a textured or colourful sweater or a piece of statement jewellery.


Bring on the Knits

Your go-to pieces for layering will include cardigans, vests and sweaters. If you put together a neutral outfit, you can use a colourful knit item to take it to the next level. Nothing makes a woman feel better than knowing that when she leaves her home she looks amazing.


Get More Jackets

When you are layering, you want to look put together and fashionable. A light jacket is a great way to add warmth to your outfit without adding bulkiness. Light jackets are made from light fabrics such as canvas. These jackets allow you to breathe, yet provide structure to your outfit.


Accessorize to Complete Your Look

When it comes to accessories, there are numerous items to choose from. Almost every woman knows that a scarf can bring interest to an outfit; however, don’t forget that your chunky earrings, bangles and statement necklaces should become part of your outfit. Finally, many women do not know that gloves can be used as an amazing accessory to pull a look together.


Don’t Pack Away Those Summer Outfits Yet

You do not need to pack your summer wardrobe away when the temperatures start to cool off and the leaves start to change colour. You can pair your favourite shorts with a pair of leggings and ankle booties for a cute look. If you have a favourite tee, why not pair it with a blazer?

When it comes to fall fashions, the key is learning how to layer your clothing properly. With proper planning, you can look amazing, stay comfortable and enjoy the fall season in style.


fall fashion 2016


  1. I really like the idea of layering different textures!
    Thanks for sharing these great tips. I hope I’m able to put them to good use (though it doesn’t get too cold where I live…we often wear sweaters more because we want to than because it’s cold).


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