7 Top House Cleaning Secrets

cleaning secreats for a top house


Cleaning your home can be a chore, literally. However, there are a number of ways to make it easier. So, here are 7 such ways to do so.


cleaning secreats for a top house


7 Top House Cleaning Secrets

Removing Soap Scum Quickly And Efficiently

If there is soap scum that is giving you a hard time when you try to remove it, you can simply work on it by scraping it off by using a plastic putty knife. This will cut the time in half that it would take you to rub it off using a normal sponge. In order to prevent build up in the future, you can think about switching to gels or synthetic liquid soaps, as they will be less likely to form any sort of scum like a bar soap would. This can save you time in the future and the result will be a shower that is squeaky clean.


Get a Robotic Cleaner

Ever think of getting a robot vacuum cleaner for your home? Robot vacuums have come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years and are a very efficient way in which to ensure your floor is spotless. There are numerous ones on the market.


Dusting At Lightning Speed

A cloth may be able to remove dust, but you are going to save a great deal of time using a feather duster. These are dusters that are efficient, especially when it comes to cleaning blinds, hard to reach areas, pictures and more. You can also use them for routine dusting or a quick touch up before your company arrives. When you have heavy dust build up, you may need to use your vacuum or a cloth. Otherwise, a feather duster makes for a great way to dust with east on most surfaces.


Make Your Stainless Steel Shine

Stainless steel is stain resistant, beautiful and efficient, however it can also be very quick to show fingerprints and smudges. Cleaning your stainless steel with ease is simple when you use mineral oil on a cloth and simply wipe it over your stainless steel surfaces. The mineral oil will repel water and build up resistance, which means no sticky materials will attach to the steel and it can cut down on cleaning time in the future. Here are some good tips.


Removing Smells From Your Garbage Disposal

When you have a smelly disposal, you can drop either orange or lemon peels down the drain and run the disposal for a few seconds with the water running at half-pressure. You can then drop in some ice cubes and turn on the disposal again. Place the stopper in the drain, fill up the sink until it is half-full and then let the water flush out to fully clean your disposal to leave it fresh.


Keep Those Windows Streak Free

You may find that window cleaner and paper towels will leave streaks and fibers on the glass. You can use newspaper on small windows to make the glass sparkling clean without streaks. For larger windows, think about using your favorite cleaner and a squeegee to cut down on time and to reach all of the edges where the dust and grime can build up.


Cut Your Vacuuming Time In Half

When you want to be able to cut your vacuum time in half, you can think about using a central outlet in your home. Plugging in your vacuum at a central outlet will help you to cut back on the time it would take to plug it in using another outlet. If you have a vacuum with a short cord, you can think about keeping a small extension cord handy to increase your reach.



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