6 Handy Tips On Planning A Great Holiday With Toddlers


Are you wondering how to make the most of your trip with the toddlers tagging along? Vacations offer a great escape from your busy routine and a fun way of taking stress off your mind, unplugging from technology and enjoying some well-deserved ‘me’ time. But with toddlers and teenagers accompanying you, planning a marvelous getaway can be somewhat challenging. I believe, being optimistic about the entire concept of taking kids along can help ward off feelings of despair and apprehension. Consider the vacation as an opportunity to bond with each other, especially the little ones. Take a look at the tips I have compiled to make your trip hassle-free and enjoyable.

Include Kids in the Planning Process

When you plan your road trip or a summer holiday, make an effort to include toddlers in the process of selecting activities and making the holiday schedule. Even if they’re too young to review places and pick top destinations, allow them to plan the activities and ask them about the things they would want to see, the places they’d like to visit and so on. Permitting kids to participate in the planning process ensures a ‘happy’ journey for all family members.

Look Up Kid-Friendly places

With toddlers onboard, you should look for kid-friendly destinations that are safe and offer all the essential amenities your family need. Look up top destinations online or check out kid-friendly places for toddler holidays online. If you’ve already got a place in mind, make sure it is safe to travel there with the kids and the accommodation facilities meet your travel requirements. Avoid traveling to places with hard terrains and mountainous regions including trekking spots with the kids. If you’ve booked a flight to one of the beaches in the Caribbean, make sure you are aware of all the safety measures you need to take in the time of need. The accommodation at the resort or the house you plan on staying should also be kid friendly with separate rooms for you and the little ones. The rooms must offer all the essential facilities for a comfortable living and enjoy a restful sleep.

A Visit To The Doctor

Before you embark on your journey, I suggest you take your toddlers to the doctor for a checkup. The doctor may advise vaccinations and medicine depending on your travel destination. While it’s safe to travel within the States and in-city but if you’re planning a week-long journey to Botswana or Hawaii, your kids may require some vaccination. Also, make sure you pack all relevant medicines, a sunblock, a first aid kit, an antibacterial hand wash, baby diapers and sanitizers before you take the road.

Make The Travel Safe for Kids

Did you decide, how will you be traveling? Will you be booking a flight or driving in your car? Airlines take care of toddler seating arrangements but if you’re traveling in your car you need to have kid safety seats. Ensure the seat belts are secured properly and all child locks are active. If you’re taking your toddler’s walker along, have it properly fastened to the car seat, so it doesn’t irk your little one along the way.

Fun Activities For Kids

On a family vacation, you surely want to take the kids to a place that offers loads of fun activities like guided tours, playgroup sessions, summer camps, and traveling sprees to check out themed parks and entertaining spots. Kids love some fun and adventure, so plan such activities for your little ones that could make the trip joyous and memorable. For toddlers, a visit to the safari club in Botswana or Zimbabwe, Disneyland, or a famous beach in the Caribbean to explore the wildlife around is a great way to keep them entertained throughout the journey.

Pack The Essentials

With toddlers accompanying you, it’s very important to pack the essentials. Surely, you don’t want them to miss out on the fun because you left their favorite teddy at home or forgot to bring their swimsuit along. Pack all necessary items from clothing and slippers to toddler accessories, the must-take toys, vaccinations, wet wipes, drinks and snacks to munch on, and tech gadgets like baby monitors etc. The little ones may not like the local delicacies at the place you’re traveling to, so make an effort to pack in their favorite meal and snacks.


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