What to look for when choosing a Math Tutor

choosing a Math Tutor


While you are hunting for the perfect math tutor for your child, don’t get flattered by the tutor’s academic achievements. Those scores, medals, certificates and other academic achievements do prove that he/she is good at math, but math tutoring is an entirely different element.

What to look for when choosing a Math Tutor

What to look for when choosing a Math Tutor

It’s important to search for a math tutor with enough experience – after all, who would prefer handing over his or her child to someone who is completely inexperienced. But you do need to ask yourself how much experience to look for ranging from 2 years to 20 years and beyond. The most significant thing to look for while getting a math tutor is not merely experience or academic achievements but rather overall teaching enthusiasm.

Moreover, you might have noticed that fresh out college grads are full of energy and enthusiasm, though they relevant lack tutoring experience. On the contrary, this enthusiasm isn’t limited to young and fresh tutors only but yes you might find out some seasoned math tutors who are still excited to assist children in solving math problems.

Select such a tutor that can differentiate between teaching and tutoring, as both of them require totally different skill set. A math teacher typically focuses on group teaching whereas a math tutor is specifically meant to provide individual based learning.

Communication skills are considered as a key component while hiring a math tutor for your child. Mastering the mathematical concepts and then delivering them to the child is a significant characteristic of effective math tutoring. Look for a tutor that holds an academic degree in a STEM subject, as well as tutoring expertise in your child’s particular grade level

The most common issue that math students face in the math classroom is a lack of focus and understanding of the concepts. If your child is one of them then it simply doesn’t make sense to send your child to a math tutor that offers group-tutoring sessions. Most of the students learn well in a private teaching setting. One on one situation is preferable as the math tutor would be able to retain his attention to your child.

Make sure to connect your child with a math tutor with years of experience as a tutor and even teacher. Its an extra bonus if you can find one with academic awards and accolades along with exceptional SAT scores, but none of these things will assure a successful tutoring experience. They will only guarantee a very high hourly rate.

What you should really look for in a math tutor is that enthusiasm and thrill that will inspire your child to learn and appreciate mathematics for years to come.


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