Interactive Books for Kids 2016


Interactive Books for Kids 2016

Interactive Books for Kids 2016

There are so many books to choose from for your little ones. Here is our selection of best interactive books for kids 2016. If you want your kids get interested in books there is no better way to start than with the interactive books for kids.

1. How the World Works: A Hands-On Guide to Our Amazing Planet

Here is a book that is at once broadly informative and visually exciting. With “tabs to pull,” “wheels to turn,” “flaps to lift,” and “amazing pop-ups,” this “hands-on guide to our amazing planet” is truly an “action-packed” way to “explore the Earth.”

Most importantly, readers are encouraged to consider the human impact on natural systems; for example a layered, lift-the-flap graphic reveals the carbon footprint of a cheeseburger.



2. The Everything Kids’ Hidden Pictures Book: Hours Of Challenging Fun!

Book offers more than just brain work, it is perfect for rainy days, long trips in the car, or just spending time alone without the drone of television. The puzzles are challenging for ages 5 and up, some more difficult than others, and my kids enjoy the way the items are really well hidden in each scene. One of my favorite interactive books for kids.




3. Eric Carle: Around the Farm: Play-a-Sound

This is a cute and educational sound book. It is educational because it says the animals name before it makes the sound. The sounds are very realistic. The drawings in the book are very colorful. There are just enough words on each page to keep a child’s attention. The pages are glossy which make the pages thicker than in normal books.




4. Interactive Kids Book: Learning Shapes & Colors: Educational Book For Ages 3 – 5 (US Edition)



This is an interactive kindle book with quizzes for kids to complete so that they can learn and develop their understanding of shapes and color.

Each section begins with a description of the shapes or colors so that they have a reference starting point. There are 10 questions to complete in each section (100 altogether).



5. Red, Stop! Green, Go!: An Interactive Book of Colors (Bright & Early Playtime Books)

The interactive aspect of this book is great. On one page the dogs jump off the board and goes under “water” which is like blue cellophane. So the white dog turns blue under water, the pink one turns purple, etc. The hat theme from the “Go, Dog, Go” book is also cute. There is a page where you turn the wheel and the dog’s hat changes color. This book would help teach colors. Great interactive books for kids!




6. An Interactive Book: ELPHIE, HELP ME! (Lessons for Children from Animals about: Self – Esteem,Values, Friendship & Social Skills. Book 1)

Elphie, a small, amiable elephant whose strange and clumsy, figure is the subject of much criticism at the hands of the leopard. Your child will accompany Elphie in his encounters with other animals.

The child will witness the transformation of the elephant from a shy, timid animal to a bold and confident member of the community. Children will realize how Elphie used his natural gifts to lend a helping hand and how they can do the same. Similarly, children will come to realize that being different is completely normal and our differences can help us assists others as well as ourselves.

7. The Dinosaur Museum: An Unforgettable, Interactive Virtual Tour Through Dinosaur History


It is really fun with great pictures, pull-outs and pop-ups. The information is easy for kiddos to take in and interesting for adults as well. Perfect interactive books for kids, for any age, but best suited to the 5-12 crowd.







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