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hardcover book giveaway


Woohooo, it’s a giveaway day again! In just few easy steps on a Rafflecopter you can get amazingly beautiful hardcover book for your kid from this awesome Etsy shop.

I love browsing Etsy shops – it always amazes me how some people are really talented. That is how I found this cool book, but lets hear what store owner has to say about the shop.

– I came up with idea for the book when I visited my nephew for the holidays. I got him a personalized book where the name of the character could be personalized to match my nephew’s name. I was very disappointed about the limited personalization options and the poor quality of the illustrations and stories and knew there has to be a different option. I teamed up with Kai Schmittat and Tim Osterbuhr to create the most personalized book ever – said Friederike from CrayonCrunchBooks.

My Magical Adventure is the first-ever printed personalized book, in which the lead character looks like the child reading it. All the books from the shop are printed uniquely and will be as diverse as the little ones reading them.

The story is about your child, who finds a mysterious box in the attic. This box has a keyhole in the shape of the first letter of your child’s name, but the key is nowhere to be found. While searching the key, he or she finds an interesting looking hat, puts it on and journeys into an imaginary world. On his or her adventure, your child meets curious characters that all project different personalities onto her, due to the hat. At the end of the story, your child finds the magical key tree that bares a key just for him or her.

Hardcover Book Giveaway – US only

You don’t have to wait for this giveaway to end. Buy book immediately, it’s a great gift for your toddler. But you can also join our hardcover book giveaway and try your luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to everyone joining this hardcover book giveaway!



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