Felted Dreams Studio – Handcrafted Wool Items On Etsy

wool items on etsy

I really love Etsy – even more than Pinterest, if that is possible. This is my favorite free time activity – browsing shops on Etsy! I can spend all my free time looking for something perfect for me or my daughter. Recently, I started looking for cool and unique Christmas presents for my friends family. And the things I found on Etsy are amazing. I am sure they will love it – everything is unique and handcrafted. So, if you are planning to start your Christmas shopping earlier this year – go on Etsy and help some independent artist and vintage sellers to earn some money so they can continue to make beautiful hand crafted items.

Felted Dreams Studio – Beautiful Handcrafted Wool Items On Etsy

wool items on etsy

The Etsy shop I want to talk to you about today is Felted Dreams Studio Shop. I can just say “wow, this is amazing”! Maybe the most beautiful wool items on Etsy. The shop owner is lovely Theresa, a really talented crafter and photographer.

I discovered crafting at the age of five, most likely in Kindergarden where I was given that luxury of creating with clay, making large beads and learning to string them with yarn. Through the years the crafts advanced to learning to sew, making pillows, embroidery, knitting~ Crafting and creating takes me away inside of myself where I find that being creative feeds my soul and creates peace.

Each item in this shop is unique, one of a kind! Each piece is hand crafted by Theresa, using fine quality materials. She uses 100 % fine wool from Etsy suppliers all over the world. You will find a beautiful home decor, center pieces, birthday banners, toddler’s slippers and much more. Everything is so beautiful, but check it out by yourself. Go to Theresa’s store and pick up your favorite product! You won’t be disappointed!


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