Fisher-Price Bright Beats Review



Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance Review

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo is a perfect toy for your toddler that just started to walk. It will encourage him or her to stand with dance, head nodding and awesome songs. Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance has 3 modes of play. Your kids can learn their ABC’s from the ABC song, colors, counting and more. He dances and moves to the groove. BeatBo encourages little ones to move around.



Large, multi-color LED grid tummy
Fun “dancing” action gets his hips shaking and head nodding
Dance ‘n Move: Fun, energizing music encourages baby to move around
Learning & Games: Introduces baby to ABCs, colors, counting & more!
Requires four AA (LR6) alkaline batteries for operation. Batteries included are for demonstration purposes only.



My daughter goes nuts over this little robot even though she is already 2 and a half years old! The lights on his “tummy” are very bright so they definitely catch her eye every single time. The songs aren’t super annoying either (major parent points there!). There’s also one button that lets you record stuff, and plays it back in a song. And the best part – she never get tired of it. Definitely not one of the toys that your little ones will use for one day and then completely forget about it. Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance rules! We often buy this as a present for first birthdays of our little friends.

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  1. This dude looks awesome. He also reminds me of a cartoon from the 80’s with little robots with TV heads?? I can see them but the name eludes me, can anyone help?!


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