Cool Tech Gadgets for Your Child this Christmas

tech gifts for kids

The festive season is one meant to bring not only joy but also a delight to everyone, more so, to kids who reverie every single festivity detail. The need to ensure that the built up anticipation, eagerness, and excitement for Christmas is not ruined by disappointed hearts is exceptionally high. Worry not, below is a top-five list of the best tech gadgets for this season.

Anki Cozmo

tech gifts for kidsNothing fascinates and captures the desires and imaginations of the young ones as owning an interactive and intelligent robot. This is one of the smartest robots, which although tiny has a lot to offer both educative and fun. Its ability to recognize faces, learn and play games while interacting with the player is a bonus. What makes Cozmo an endearing reality for exploration is its personality. Kids are going to love his charisma, his energy as well as intelligence. Moreover, he can be purchased at any tech store or even in online stores at very affordable prices.

Bloxels Video Game Builder

Are you worried that your children are spending too much time on TV as well as playing video games? Then worry not like the opportunity to help your children grow intellectually and individually knocks on your door this festive season. Using the Bloxels Video Game Builder, your kids can design locations, characters, and objects with various colors as a representation of in-game elements like water and coins. This tech gadget comes with a free companion app which digitizes them with less fuss and uploads them into the Video Game Builder as ready to use. Its limit on imagination is limitless.

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

lego boost

Have you ever desired a gadget that will offer you unlimited fun while still being involved in the action? Well, look no more! The Lego boost creative toolbox will do all that and more. Open your mind to the infinite world of imagination and think more in the directions of encoded motors, Bluetooth blocks, and buttons for an opportunity to create ingenious creations through your tablet. The age limit of this toolbox is nada. Both kids and adults can use it, which is a plus. Its modular is impressive and offers opportunities to build many models. Its educative coding nature guarantees both fun and learning.

Smartwatch and three/ VTech Kidizoom

smartwatch and three
In today’s world technology keeps rebirthing, developing, growing stronger and broader with each passing day. Kids today are more familiar with technology than anything else thus they will always know when their toy smartphone is inadequate as compared to their mum’s iPhone. This creates a dire need for you the parent to ensure that you get your child something whose level of innovation captures a broader range of original features and where else better to look than Vtech smartwatches and Kidizoom cameras? The Kidizoom Duo Camera offers more than just a camera. It includes games that the kids can enjoy at their convenience.

As the festive season nears, what better way to spread the joy of Christmas than to offer your children the best gadgets that will meet their tech-savvy minds with uniqueness and a broad variety of options and opportunities? As you shop for gifts, think multi-purpose gifts, think innovation, think limitless imagination.


  1. Not only for kids 🙂 I loved the smartwatch! That’s lovely for kids – and adults 🙂 I love small cameras and that is great 🙂 It’s true, very needed to offer kids technology, so they get interested in science from a tender age! Hope you have a lovely Christmas!


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