CINEMOOD v.2: Mini Cinema Projector for Families


CINEMOOD v.2: Mini Cinema Projector for Families

CINEMOOD v.2: Mini Cinema Projector for Families
I love to check out Indiegogo from time to time and support some cool projects I found interesting. I didn’t really share any of those projects with my audience, but today I saw something awesome that I believe families (especially kids) will find really cool.

First I have to say that I don’t get exited for tech products that often (like my husband do) but CINEMOOD v.2: Mini Cinema Projector for Families got my attention immediately.

Small tech startup CINEMOOD are making kid-friendly portable mini cinema projector. The best thing about it is that even kids can use it without fear of breaking it. With this cool mini projector you can turn any blank wall or ceiling into a brilliant personal theater. In order to meet the needs of families, CINEMOOD is designed to be as multi functional as possible. The latest version of the device comes ready with content that has been carefully selected by educators and child psychologists.

Projector can be connected through the device via Wi-Fi or USB with make it super easy to use.  Whether it be audio fairy tales, digital books, movies, cartoons or photos, CINEMOOD’s engaging content brings families together and ensures a quality media experience that is suitable for all ages.

Like with every tech gadget, you want to control the amount of time that your kid uses it. The Mini Cinema Projector have a companion app that allows parents to control the device remotely, and you can also limit the amount of time children interact with the device.

This projector seems like a quality product that I don’t mind backing to see it come to the market. They are runing a successful Indiegogo campaign and they are really close to achieving their goal. I wish them all the luck and I wanted to support them by sharing their story with my readers too.


To see a video how the Mini Cinema Projector works you can check their promo video here:

If you are interested in seeing more or backing this product you can visit their Indiegogo page here.




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