Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Teenager

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Teenager

Teenagers are often moody, miserable, and melancholy, but we love them anyway, especially if they’re ours! We know how it feels to have those hormones coursing through our veins, so we know we need to treat them with the utmost respect, even when they drive us crazy. When thinking of your teen, you also have to be ultra compassionate, as their lives are all the more complicated these days. With access to drugs and alcohol, rising interest in the opposite sex, and far too many opportunities to be cyber-bullied, it truly isn’t easy to be a teen in this day and age. So make sure yours knows you love her! A great time to show her that is at Christmas time, so if you’re looking for present ideas, read on. We’ve got some great Christmas gift ideas for your teenager that might even—gasp!—elicit a smile.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Teenager

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Teenager


If you’re familiar with the sports teams, musicians, and more that your teen likes, tickets make top-notch gifts. This isn’t simply because you’ve noted what they’ve liked, but even more so that it’s an experiential gift. If you and your teen are open to it, you could even get yourself a ticket to this event and make it a bonding experience. But if your teen is in the inevitable “too cool for school” phase, you might consider getting the tickets for him and a friend.

Something Practical

While your tendency when buying gifts for a teen might be to go over-the-top to impress her, there really is no need to invent the wheel. Perhaps she needs a new pair of running shoes, a laptop for homework or a backpack. Teens are overly concerned with appearances, and even if you know how beautiful she truly is, she may have some insecurities about herself that cause discomfort or anguish. Has she complained about her skin? Consider investing in a high-quality acne treatment for young adults that can help her get her skin back on track. BioClarity creates unique acne treatment products that contain naturally derived ingredients. As teens often have sensitive skin, it’s important to find something that can fight pimples without drying out or overly irritating their skin.

Has she been showing angst over her figure? Help her live her healthiest life with a gym membership. This emphasis on health can help your entire family, so consider a group membership and making it a family affair. Sure, these might not be the coolest gifts around, but she’ll appreciate any of them nonetheless and get long-term benefits from your thoughtful investments.

Go for the Gadgets

Teenagers and their phones—it’s a match made in heaven. Well, if you want them to pay attention to you, this isn’t exactly true, but it is somewhat inevitable. If you’re in the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” category of parents, a techie gift could be the way to go this Christmas. If you’ve been holding out on a smart phone, perhaps this is the year that you blow her ever-loving mind (we highly recommend enforcing some rules with this, however!).

A Passion Present

That teen eye roll might be a bit more dangerous than annoying. Not to be an alarmist but teens can often go inside themselves and withdraw because they don’t feel like anyone’s listening. They don’t feel like they’re truly being heard. Prove that you’re really listening by buying something for your teen this Christmas that represents his or her passion, even if it’s not your passion (especially if it’s not your passion!). From a deluxe painting kit and a book on astrology to cooking classes and a trip to a college of interest, any gift that shows you understand your teen is going to make a lasting impression. If you have a common passion, that’s even better! Buy your budding protégé a camera and take photography classes together. The family who gets passionate about things together stays together.

Something Whimsical For the Win

Your teen is soon going to be expected to make a lot of grown-up decisions on colleges, careers, and more. Savor their youth while you can, even when you’re giving gifts. Whether it’s a pair of super cute emoji knee high socks, a framed baby pic (or a collage!), or a Snuggie, choose a gift you know you can’t get away with much longer. You could even get extra sappy and have a comforter made out of their baby clothes or tees. Your nest will be empty soon enough. Bask in their innocence for as long as you can!

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for your teenager? Use this list for reference and your holiday will surely be on fleek (yeah, we said it).


  1. Great suggestions!

    My girls aren’t teens yet but I have some nieces who are and they are so challenging to buy for!

    I appreciated the tips.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Useful list! For teens, I like to get gifts that get them away from technology: Books, conversation starter cards, craft supplies, etc. Tickets, or other experiences, are great, as you noted.


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