How to Choose an Air Fryer?


What does an air fryer do? This is the question of many as they are not aware of what is this cooking appliance used for. A question that holds, even more, gravity is why do you need such a kitchenware? Well, that is something we are about to find out by digging a little deeper into this inquiry and getting a fair idea about how to choose a top quality air fryer under $100.

What is an air fryer?

First things first that what is this machine all about? In short and simple words an air fryer is used to fry food without oil. An average cook at home, and of course the professionals already know how to cook on this very well. Reason being it is not at all a complex technology to be put to use but is one that provides all the benefits that you can think of.

Some benefits of using air fryer

Taking a cue from the above discussion it has to be mentioned that cooking, baking, and frying food in your air fryer has many benefits. The foremost that we can think of is to talk about the health benefits that it comes with. This is air fried food we are talking which means it is healthier to invest in. Not to mention that the food tastes as good as fried food and there is no difference that you get to notice other than the dripping oil. Here are some more advantages of air fryer cooking:

  • It does not heat up your kitchen which is good for those living in humid climates
  • Your kitchen does not become the epicenter of major smoke
  • Saves oil and this point can be turned into shouting save your money
  • Low maintenance as cleaning is lot easier as compared to traditional frying utensils

Useful tips on selecting an air fryer

Now that you have a faint idea about air fryers in general, let us focus on how to choose the best air fryer. Well, it may not be easy to make the choice provided you know certain criteria for buying one, than purchasing the right will not be a problem for sure. Below are some handy tips that can guide you to choose the right one:

Size – This has to go as the first element of selecting your air fryer as it has to endure a basic amount of cooking. If you consider investing in a small one, then it has to hold up a minimum of 2 lbs. of cooking.

Additional features:

No doubts this is a personal choice but this undoubtedly is one way to select the right product for your house. Ask questions and then find an answer to them like:

  • can the air fryer be shut off automatically
  • does it have a touch screen operation or is manual
  • how clear is the display to comprehend
  • does it come with a timer
  • is it dishwasher safe

Capacity – Now this has to be a deciding factor as you cannot buy a kitchen juts like that and as a homemaker or a cook, you need to know how practical an appliance can be. It can cook of 2 lbs or 3 lbs, you need to make your mind up to choose the best air fryer as per your requirement.

Price – Needless to say that this should be one of the foundations of investing in that air fryer you have always wanted. You can get air fryers at all prices and there indisputably it has to be added that if you want to buy one within $100 or more than it.

Add on – Added services include what kind of customer support you can expect and what is there a warranty you can rely on. Most definitely these things add value to a product that buyers will be interested in buying.

On the whole finding, an answer to How to choose an air fryer may not be that difficult. We recommend that you read some additional reviews from trusted sites to get an insight about the best of the lot.


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