Best Toddler Books 2020

best toddler books 2020

We are living in a strange period where we are forced to stay at home as much as possible. It was/is weird and difficult but it has also presented us with ample time to reconnect with our families as well as invent new fun activities to fill our time.

One of our favorite activities was reading the best toddler books 2020. That isn’t a surprise since I am always going on and on about the importance of reading to and with children.

There were just so many wonderful toddler books, but we had to shorten the list. Most of them were my picks, but I especially love it when my daughter picks out the story, based on the cover or description. So, as you can imagine, our collection of children’s storybooks is getting bigger and bigger every day.

There are so many new children publications from 2020 packed with knowledge, and with such positive and uplifting stories. They have me drooling to snuggle up with my little one as we read these beautiful books.

Here are some of the best toddler books 2020 to read out loud to your children:

The Seed of Compassion

The renowned speaker and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Dalai Lama, shares with us some of his childhood memories. As a young child, his mother taught him the importance of compassion and kindness.

Grandma’s Garden

Grandma’s garden teaches children to respect and celebrate family and traditions. While some people pass down furniture or jewelry to their children, Grandma Dorothy passes down her love for nature and gardening. This book is a celebration of the bond and memories that are cultivated across generations as we do things we love together.

Tomorrow I’ll Be Kind

This is a sequel to Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave. It is a reminder to all children to make a difference in the world.

The latest book by Jessica Hische is a reminder to both the young and the old to be kind to one another. It encourages empathy, compassion, as well as the development of social-emotional skills in children. This one was one of my favorites from my list of best toddler books 2020.

The Bug Girl

This is a true story of a seven-year-old, Sophie Spencer, who was fascinated by all things bugs, such as ants and fireflies. However, other kids did not share her hobby; thus, they bullied her until she stopped sharing her interests. But, a group of women scientists rallied around her and encouraged her to pursue her passion. This beautiful story encourages children to embrace and pursue their curiosities in the face of resistance.

Wishing on a Star

Wishing on a Star is a beautiful and insightful children’s storybook. The story is made of breathtaking images of vibrant characters in an African American family. It is perfect for families who are expecting as it highlights the emotions involved with bringing a new life into the world.

Dare to Dream Big

This is an inspiration picture book, which encourages children throughout the world not to be afraid to dream. It also tells the children to help others, speak, and stand for what is right.

Through pictures and short stories, it also encourages them to take time to enjoy the simple pleasure of the world and be comfortable in their own skin. It encourages kids to dream and try new things.

Reading to your child is essential as it helps in developing a strong bond.  It also expands their vocabulary and thirst for knowledge. The above books are fun and diverse and will keep your child entertained.

What are your best toddler books 2020? Share in the comments section!



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