The Best Gifts for Everyone on Your List This Season

best gifts for everyone christmas 2016

Gifts are without a doubt one of the highlights of the holiday season – both giving and receiving (we won’t pretend anyone doesn’t love unwrapping a present on Christmas morning). But shopping for gifts can be a completely different story, especially when you’re not quite sure what to get for the intended recipient. Traditional gifts like gift cards, winter scarves, and food baskets get old quickly and often end up feeling insincere due to their overuse. So what gifts should you give this year to ensure that yours stand out? Check out these suggestions for some of the hardest-to-shop-for people in your life.

best gifts for everyone christmas 2016

Your Boss

If your boss is anything like most bosses, they’ve surely received enough “World’s Greatest Boss” mugs and monogrammed journals to last a lifetime. So this holiday season, show your boss that you appreciate all their hard work with tickets for a memorable experience that won’t just clutter up their desk. Is your boss a huge film fan? Get them a few ticket vouchers to the local cinema for a movie night out with their family. Likewise, if you know their favorite sports team will be having a big game in town, get them some tickets and a team pennant or foam finger so they can have fun cheering them on.

Your Partner

Whether you’ve been together for a year or five years, you’ve surely had countless unforgettable moments with the special woman in your life. A large majority of your memories, be they vacations, local outings, or simply family photos with your new puppy, are likely saved on social media, able to go back to at a moment’s notice. Take this up a notch this winter with a custom photo book filled with all your favorite photos that you’ve taken over your time together. In this largely digital age, physical photos have their own special sentimentality, and a curated book of all your special photos will have all that much more.
Wooden Watches - Gift for him
Also, you can’t go wrong with the finest designer eco-friendly personalized wooden watches. It’s a perfect personalized gift for him. I can recommend wonderful Etsy shop Urban Designer where you will find the best gift for him. This beautiful watches will give you the touch of nature, and you can even engrave your words of gratitude. They also offer a large variety of watches and fashion accessories to suit both men and women, so if you like something – go for it! These pieces will add a delightful look to almost everything you wear.

Your Your Brother

Why not surprise your brother with a drone for Christmas? While you may have outgrown those after-school toys as soon as you hit your teens, drones are a great, modern alternative that are sure to please any age. There are a ton of great cyber Monday drones to choose from, making this option a lot more affordable than you might have originally thought. Plus, if you’re lucky, he might just let you have a few minutes at the remote yourself. Not into flying machines? Check out hover boards. The new ones are much safer than the first round and they’re wicked fun.

Your Mom

She proudly displayed your macaroni art on the fridge when you were growing up, and her appreciation of anything created by you certainly hasn’t gone away in the years since, so this year, surprise her with something handmade. If she’s always spending hours in the kitchen to feed your family and guests who might stop by, offer her a coupon for a homemade meal (even if you have to sneak in the help of a recipe service). Did she like your sunset photo from your Hawaiian vacation so much that she made it her cover photo on Facebook? Presenting her with a framed version will certainly have her hanging it at home with pride for all to see. If you don’t live close to her, order some flowers. There are lots of online florists deliveries you can use.

Your Dad

Dads like beer – it seems to be a universal fact. However, there’s a good chance that whatever beer he’s been drinking for years is vastly different from the craft beers that you and your friends are drinking at the bar on a Friday night. So this year, introduce him to craft beers through a home brewing kit. Any notions that he might have of modern beer being too fancy or complicated will be dispelled when he’s able to brew it himself and see just what goes into making any kind of beer. Plus, the ability to enjoy his creation and share it with his friends afterwards just might encourage him to get adventerous and check out more styles, either next time out at the bar, or brewing it themselves at home.


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