Baltic Amber Necklaces: Made by the Tooth Fairy?

amber teeth necklace baltic

Whether or not the tooth fairy is real is not the point. The point is that I recently happened upon an article that talked about the wonders of Baltic Amber and how teething necklaces are basically magic. If you’re a mom then you’ve been through the dreaded teething stage that inevitably moves into your household, making itself comfy for several months and driving everyone else in the nearest vicinity insane. If you’re a new mom, then I will pray for you and offer up four words of advice… Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces.

amber teeth necklace baltic

What Exactly Is Baltic Amber?

Baltic Amber is named after the region it’s found in. This particular amber is harvested from forests near the Baltic Sea, which are known for the conifer trees that reside there. These trees produce sap that contain an oil called succinic acid and are notorious for having the highest contents of this compound, coming in between 8-10%, which is up to 4% higher than the average amounts found in other amber sources.

Due to the location that this amber is found in, European and Asian countries have coveted and utilized this substance for medicinal purposes for centuries. Teething is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to amber’s benefits. Succinic acid is revered for its mood boosting effects, it’s anti-inflammatory properties, and the abundance of antioxidants that are directly responsible for boosting your immunity.

Shamans and homeopathic doctors have used amber with patients who suffer from stiff joints and arthritis, migraine sufferers, people with autoimmune disorders, teething infants, patients that suffer from seasonal depression, pregnancy and many other ailments. With all it’s benefits, why wouldn’t you add amber to your medicine cabinet?

Is There a Difference Between Raw Baltic Amber vs Polished Amber? Does Color Matter?

At first, purchasing something that is foreign to you may seem overwhelming. When you initially search “natural baltic amber baby teething necklace,” you’ll find that they come in different lengths, colors, and even raw vs polished. How do you know which one will work best for you? It all depends on what it is you’ll be using it for.

Each color has the same healing properties, as each contain succinic acid. The color changes due to how much oil containing the component is found in there. The lighter colors, such as your yellows and light ambers are your most potent, so to speak, while your darker variations such as your honeys and cognac colors contain less succinic acid.

Raw beads are much too harsh for infants due to the coarse texture. Raw amber is very porous, which is great because it allows the oils that contain the medicinal benefits to seep through the bead and into your skin, thus producing the healing effects. Raw amber is great for adults who are looking to purchase an amber necklace for whatever reason, and since it’s raw the color hardly matters.

For your teething infant, however, I would suggest going with a lighter bead due to the fact that you will need to purchase a polished amber, as not to irritate your baby’s delicate skin. As stated previously, your lemons and light ambers contain the highest traces of succinic acid. If you’re purchasing for a younger infant, I would suggest getting a shorter to mid-range length necklace and wrapping it around your baby’s ankle. This way there’s less chance of it being a choking hazard.

My Sanity Restored!

Sometimes foreign things can seem to good to be true and often like overly hyped myths. In the case of Baltic Amber, though, centuries of history has proven itself worthy of it’s notorious healing properties. My household sanity was restored after purchasing our first teething necklace, and after months of no sleep and many shed tears, I wish I had jumped on the bandwagon sooner. Grab an amber teething necklace for you and yours and test it out for yourself!


  1. I didn’t know anything about Baltic Amber, but it seems it is so good! I love amber, but never heard about Baltic amber, so it was so nice to learn about it! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. I have never heard of this, but I know quite a few momma bears who would appreciate the heads-up about these magical necklaces. Also how interesting that there are so many different variations! Thanks for sharing (forwarding now to some of my mom friends!).


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