Awesome Vintage Home Decor Ideas On Etsy – Excuse My French Shop

vintage home decor on etsy

I love Etsy! I can’t say that enough times! I can spend all day long there looking for something perfect for me or my daughter. I even love to buy presents for my friends and family there. And they always love it! It’s not weird, since you can find all kind of beautiful and unique things on Etsy. So, if you’re still not buying on Etsy – go there and help some independent artist and vintage sellers to earn some money.

Awesome Vintage Home Decor Ideas On Etsy – Excuse My French Shop

The Etsy shop I want to talk to you about today is Excuse my French shop. I can just say “wow”! The shop owner is lovely Vanessa, a French vintage and antiques addict. Her shop is quite new, but it’s full of amazing vintage things.

vintage home decor on etsy

For example, this is an old School notebook from school year 1945-1946. Can you believe that? Straight after World War 2, from September 1945, Southern France, written by 10 year old girl Josette. Beautifully handwritten in blue-purply ink and corrected in red ink. Beautiful piece of history!

“There’s nothing I love more than foraging at flea markets to find that perfect piece that may have been overlooked, or one which would brighten up once it gets a thorough clean”, Vanessa said to me when I asked her about her shop.

French Ephemera And Colorized Photos

At the moment, she is offering bunch of beautiful antique postcards, french ephemera, colorized photos and old documents, but she promised that there will be lots of more tableware, kitchen items, home d├ęcor, linen or ephemera in the future. Awesome!

I know I will be carefully waiting for any new piece Vanessa will add to her shop. She has around 180 beautiful vintage items that any vintage addict will definitely love.

So, don’t wait anymore – go over to Etsy to check out her amazing shop. I stand by my words when I say: you will love it!


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