How To Create a Family Friendly Garden


With the threat of winter frosts and snowbanks safely behind us — fingers crossed— we can begin to anticipate summer fun right around the corner. From family BBQs, weekends in the back and dinners outdoors there are so many ways to enjoy the fresh air and delightful surroundings of a garden.

Those of us with small kids have to perform the small miracle of making a garden suitable for young children to run around and have fun — my little one loves to romp around on the trampoline and swing set — but still keep it presentable enough to invite friends and family over for get togethers of all types.

Here are some fantastic tips for making a multi-purpose garden.


Raise Another Level

This is a good idea for space economy. If you have flower beds or sprouting veggies, plant these in a bed raised above ground level to keep playing children and curious pets out. The sky is quite literally the limit so you have all the space you need.

Trailers and creepers make a great compliment to the side of the home or running along fences. Hanging baskets with flowers or vines as well as window boxes make lovely additions as well, more importantly, they will be out of the reach of little hands or paws.

Partition the Garden

By dividing your garden into sections you can create a kids area for rough-play and spirited sports, while you have another place that can be used for hosting and BBQs or growing your plants.

When it comes time to choosing furnishings for the kids side, think ahead. A sandpit can be converted into a pool as the child grows and later it can be turned into a flowering bed.

Don’t Forget the Practical Importance of Storage

If you are looking out into the garden and see a war zone left by your child’s afternoon antics, you will probably not want to spend time relaxing there. It is important to provide your children with a place to stow their outdoor toys.

The same holds true for your garden tools, these can be very dangerous if a child were to get their hands on them. A garden shed is a great place to keep the toxic chemicals and tools. They can be found in all sizes and shapes to fit any yard size.

Add Some Great Furniture

bbq summer

Being outdoors with all of your family is such a fantastic thing. Adding some nice furniture into the mix can really help make a family friendly garden. Log Furniture Place has a great selection of outdoor items that you and your kids will love. From swings to log furniture playgrounds to picnic tables – there’s a selection of things that can really make your home a lot more attractive.

Consider the Need for Maintenance

It is a very nice effect to have bright flowers and a perfectly manicured lawn, it certainly adds the right background for BBQs and outdoor get togethers. Nevertheless, these features must be well cared for if they will look good.

Small kids want a garden so they can play in a way they would not be permitted to play indoors, this can take its toll on the grass and flowers and cost time in maintaining properly. Artificial grass is a great alternative to real grass, much more durable and none of the special care and attention.

Final Notes — whatever size garden you have, these tips can help you to create a charming and practical outdoor experience for your family and friends to enjoy.

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