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With all the TV programming promoting junk food and colorful packaging of snacks we see in the grocery stores, healthy alternatives don’t seem quite as intriguing for kids. It’s the visual and fun aspect of it all that attracts children, and so if it came down to a plate of carrot sticks or chocolate pudding with cute animals on the seal, they’d most likely opt for the pudding.

eatwell bingo

Contrary to popular belief, convincing your little ones to change their unhealthy eating habits doesn’t have to be that difficult. A mother and nutritionist shares a number of tried-and-true strategies with Parents Magazine that encourages them to drink more milk and eat more vegetables, which are all great ideas for you to try with your family. Something else that you might want to experiment with as a supplement to your healthy eating routines is Eatwell Bingo, a game that puts an exciting spin to a balanced diet.

It’s crazy to think a game could elicit positive lifestyle changes considering its entertainment purpose, but its revival in the last few years has shown us that bingo can be used in a multitude of ways to improve our lives. Obesity rates have been tied to numerous activities like gaming, so the UK gaming giant Gala Bingo took it upon themselves to post a few Tone Up exercises that keeps their players active even while seated in their chair. Fitness instructors have also used the elements of the game to vary up people’s workouts so that they never get stuck in the same old routine that no longer has any effect on their physique.

Having realized the healthy benefits of bingo, the Food Standards Agency in Northern Ireland have created their own interactive version of the game that essentially teaches kids how to make good food choices. The way that it works is that there is Bingo Caller Card with all these fun facts on ingredients high in nutritional value, to which your kids would respond to by marking the appropriate food on their card.

The best thing about this game is that it’s not just for kids; get the entire family to play so that all of you can add more nutritional value into your meals!

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