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The 5 best podcasts for social workers

If you’re looking for social care jobs, or you just want to know what’s going on in the profession, it’s always a good idea to be aware of current issues and new developments. Podcasts are a great way to do this, allowing you to listen while you’re commuting or when you’re at home. I love podcasts! But how can you find out which ones are worth listening to?

Well, look no further because here’s the lowdown on five of the best podcasts for social workers out there.

The 5 best podcasts for social workers

1. The Social Work Podcast

Social work podcast pioneer and former jazz musician Jonathan B. Singer started his own website in 2007, and has since added this podcast to his list of achievements. It’s U.S. based, so there may be a slight bias towards things happening in America, but its aim is to cover “all things social work”, so much of the content will be universal. March’s episode features an interview with Dr. Richard P. Barth on the grand challenges for social work.

2. Social Care Ideas Factory

A podcast from a Scottish based collective with lofty ideals. They want to promote “brave ideas that ensure people reclaim and retain fuller lives at home and in their communities.” With a philosophy that ideas can “change lives” they gather and connect academics, practitioners and graduates to inspire new ways of thinking.

3. Social World Podcast

Run by David Niven, the former Chair of the British Association of Social Workers. It focuses on social and traditional media, and particularly the way they can be used by the profession, and the way they perceive social work. It often uses individual cases and examines how they play out in the public sphere, and examine how this affects the profession.

4. Podsocs

The podcast for “social workers on the run” is produced by Patricia Fronek, a senior lecturer at Griffith University and president of the Australian and New Zealand Social Work and Welfare Education and Research. It covers topics of interest for all practitioners, students and academics. Although it’s based in Australia, there’s an emphasis on interviewing guests from all over the world.

5. inSocialWork

A podcast series produced by the University at Buffalo School of Social Work. It features regular conversations with prominent professionals and researchers and keeps you posted on engaging trends.

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